Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 11, 2013
VIDEO: Matt Striker Would ‘Love’ To Join TNA

VIDEO: Matt Striker Would ‘Love’ To Join TNA

Former WWE wrestler and commentator Matt Striker says he would ‘love’ to join TNA Wrestling.

Speaking to OffsetTV, Striker addressed the Nashville-based promotion: “I like wrestling man. So any place that would ask me, to give me the honor of wrestling or work for them in a wrestling company. I have a lot of friends in TNA, a lot. I think TNA has really carved out a place for themselves in wrestling. People give them a bad rap for a lot of things but TNA has a place in wrestling. They have created their own place. Everyone out there is just trying to do WWE. You can’t just do WWE because the WWE does WWE.

“Yeah, I would love to go to TNA in a myriad of capacities be it in-ring, behind the scenes, interviewer, announcer. Absolutely, if that opportunity came up, I’d be there in a heart-beat. I have a lot of friends there and I like wrestling.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Striker ‘shoots’ on John “Bradshaw” Layfield and offers his thoughts on the current independent wrestling scene.

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7 Responses to “VIDEO: Matt Striker Would ‘Love’ To Join TNA”

  1. UCEAD11 says:

    Him replacing taz would be an upgrade at the table but would love to see him wrestle in the x division. would love to see what else the guy can do because you are put in a box in WWE.

  2. tna24 says:

    matt striker wasnt all that in wwe. but maybe if he were to join tna they could do something with him.

  3. JoeWrestling says:

    I wouldn't mind giving him a shot, the only issue is price. He says he'd love to go there if the opportunity comes up, but I'm sure that's only at a certain price. I doubt he really wants to work at TNA if they don't pay much. It's kind of hard to demand top dollar for very few work dates and when they can't really draw the amount of money they ask. It's a shame the economics don't work out for these guys, but it's not really a problem since obviously the audience isn't there for it. Not really anyone to blame.

    • tnadude says:

      This is really my first experience with him as I don't watch WWE. Of course, I think anything's an upgrade over Taz, so there you have it.

      As far as price is concerned, after listening to this interview, he doesn't seem concerned about money. Also, how would he make less in TNA than on the independent circuit, particularly when he'd still be free to exploit the independent circuit.

      Again, not familiar with him. He just seems like a good kid. The kind you root for. And Taz is awful…

  4. Tna4life says:

    WHAT?? TAZ is funny as all get out, come on guys have a sense of humor. In my mind TAZ makes the transition from match to segments really well. I mean you have to have some humor within the match an that’s what TAZ does as well he calls the matches from a wrestlers point of view because he is a wrestler. I say go to a three man announce team . An bring back Todd K I liked that guy. Striker as more in the TV Belt division

  5. Dennis D says:

    What happened to Todd Kenely (spelling)? He was a great play-by-play that offered a relief from Tenay’s hum-drum style. He also moderated between Taz & Tenay. I personally enjoy the infamous wCw-esque 3 man announce table.

    If Striker could take a fair deal and join the Taz/Tenay team then I’d be good with it. His in-ring wrestling is kinda boring if ya ask me..

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