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VIDEO: Rob Van Dam Returning To WWE

VIDEO: Rob Van Dam Returning To WWE

Here’s the Rob Van Dam announcement video from Payback:

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25 Responses to “VIDEO: Rob Van Dam Returning To WWE”

  1. Tiffanydude says:

    I miss this old RVD, sadly RVD will realize he isn't extreme or high flying as he used to be when he gets to WWE

    • Leg Drop Jobber says:

      Not as high flying opposed to who on the WWE OR TNA roster? A lot of the high flying stuff has been severely toned down in both companies, if you haven't noticed. Think back to the last couple of X Division matches… Chris Sabin, Petey Williams… more impact moves than "high flying." Even AJ has toned that down a lot since his return.

      • AussieWrestling says:

        Thats because Sabin and Styles have both changed their moveset due to various reasons…other than because TNA said so.

        • Leg Drop Jobber says:

          Okay, then. What about the rest of the X Division and TNA roster. Oh, wait. They get left off Impact most weeks. Instead we get Kenny King in a 4 way with Morgan and Rob Terry. Incredible booking logic.

  2. tna24 says:

    good for him, a change will be good for him. since he was getting boring in tna

  3. Dependant says:

    Not gonna lie but that's a nice promo

  4. GuitarGuruXXX says:

    How long till he is suspended for smoking weed?

  5. DJBIGCG says:

    That was a great promo wwe did of rvd

  6. OldManEaston says:

    I'm only interested in Rob returning to WWE for one reason, and that is to see what kind of shape he returns in. It was relatively poor in TNA. A less sluggish and more motivated RVD might have a little left in the tank, but I don't expect anything.

  7. Stunner says:

    Yeah that will be about the extent of his moves as well as his wins in the WWE! RVD the jobber !!!!

  8. Dante_Cross says:

    Kinda annoyed at seeing this video and then thinking about his tenure in TNA. The vigor and enthusiasm that is shown here was never seen in TNA or in any of his matches.

  9. destroyer_v39 says:

    Ryback stold RVD's ring attire.

    • Whatever says:

      Ryback talked to RVD and asked him if he could use the same person to make ryback attire that makes rvd. RVD gave him the ok to do it, plus that’s called respect

  10. DJBIGCG says:

    It will be great if rvd hooks up with Heyman in some story line in wwe

  11. donutmanbill says:

    This is what I feared would happen…I'm ready for the mountain of thumbs down but I have to speak the truth, this is the death knell of TNA…I know what you're going to say, Rob wasn't very well used in TNA towards the end anyway, no loss…while it's true that Rob was badly mis-booked in the end of his run, the loss in respect TNA will from this will not be recovered from, Jeff Hardy will be next to go and then there will be nothing left in this company worth writing about…I WAS the biggest TNA fan around and I absolutely HATE everything Vince McMahon stands for, I practically PRAYED for another company to give him some competition but Dixie and Hogan dropped the ball at every turn…this is why Booker T ran, this is why Kevin Nash is making fun of TNA (in his interview he was waiting for Sting to call, come on, he's making fun of us)
    this is why Kurt Angle who was given the biggest push of ANYONE in TNA is publically stating he wants to be in Wrestlemania (talk about a slap in the face) why Tara was showing WWE in her restaurant, and why Angelina Love refused to return (along with Awesome Kong)…I take this stuff personally, because as a fan I invested emotionally in this company and to have them be a laughing stock like this is embarrassing…
    who is left on the roster? Austin Aries? A Ring of Honor mid-carder? Come on….Kenny King? Another Ring of Honor mid-carder…Ask Mr Anderson how he feels about being towards the bottom of the card and being buried in Aces and 8s….he'd be back in WWE if he hadn't burned his bridges….the whole company is a joke now and it makes me sick…they had a chance to save things with Paul Heyman and they blew it…instead of investing in some no name MMA champion they should have put every dime they had and brought in John Morrison….they should have tried to get someone, anyone with a name….even a nobody like MVP is laughing at TNA…..this company needs to fold and save what's left of it's legacy before Vince buys it and destroys it like ECW and WCW…..I am NOT a WWE mark, I refuse to ever watch their product and I want someone to put Vince in his place almost more than anything but obviously Dixie is not the person to do this…she has no clue how to run a wrestling company and Hogan with all his connections and name recognition has done nothing but bury this company…someone else needs to have a chance to try and overtake Vince… there anyone from the WCW or NWA days (back when people could compete with WWE) who could start a new company that actually knew what they were doing….I'd be behind them 100 percent…..let the thumbs down begin but remember when Vince buys TNA out and buries it, I told ya so….it didn't have to be this way

    • tnafan05 says:

      Tna will be better without rvd he is old and nothing like he use to be slating kenny king and aries is pathetic roh midcarder? You mean like daniel bryan every great wrestler is a midcarder at some point and if hardy wants to go and sting aswel let them go i suppose nobody will say oh wwe taking tna cast offs no people just say that in the opposite direction the tna product is not as good as it could be but that takes time i.e wwf/e has been around forever so you have always got that exposure all i watched was wwf dident care about anything else untill i fell upon tna in 2005 and that was it tna all way i love it so the more tna creep up and that little by little bit of exposure they recieve the bigger and better the company shall become people things dont change overnight and you should know how unprecise your comment really was but im english if only americans thought like us tna would be on top lol

      • donutmanbill says:

        You are absolutely correct about Daniel Bryan, and to some extent even CM Punk started off as a very low card wrestler on TNA and then went to ROH and was mid-card through most of his time there but WWE made him a top star…I will say again that I HATE the WWE and everything Vince and them stand for and I LOVE the TNA product, I'm a huge Velvet Sky fan, I love AJ Styles and Samoa Joe and a lot of the other guys, but and this is a big but, I hate to see them go out of business because they have zero common sense to hire guys with a name, since Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy who was the last guy they brought in with a name?……..nobody….and who have they lost? Anyone with any marketability….does WWE need RVD? Absolutely not….will he bring much to the company? Absolutely not….did Kevin Nash, or Christian, or Booker T bring anything to WWE? Absolutely not…what about Ron Killings? Nope….WWE buries them all….BUT it destroyed TNA….the only big names left are Sting (who is awesome but keeps talking about jumping to WWE to fight the Undertaker, again making TNA look stupid) and Jeff Hardy who his brother said WILL be jumping back to WWE soon…who else has a name? Nobody…okay, Mickie James and to some extent Gail Kim, but even they jumped to WWE before and probably will again…..TNA almost lost Matt Morgan for crying out loud….had WWE matched the money offer Morgan would be gone….TNA is losing EVERYONE, Rick Flair, Mick Foley, the list goes on and on….TNA has no idea how to run a company….they need guys with name recognition…they NEED John Morrison, they NEED Randy Orton, they need anyone people will recognize…Rampage Jackson? Huh? Who the heck is he? When he came out there was ZERO crowd reaction…..Goldburg has been saying for months he'd go back to WWE if asked….but when they ask him about TNA he says absolutely not…same with Batista…why do you suppose that is? Do you think the wrestlers like Vince McMahon? of course not, but they know Dixie has no clue what she's doing…..people say Spike is a little TV station that can't compete but they forget when Spike had Monday Night Raw they were the top show on cable…..what about Impact? they get beat by almost every other station……there is talent on the roster, look at Samoa Joe, Magnus, Aj Styles, and what do they do with them? Nothing….
        Jim Cornette and Paul Heyman should join forces with the Crockettes and put Vince McMahon back into 2nd place where he belongs

  12. TNA_Warrior_UK says:

    That video makes him look like the old RVD, but sadly he isn't! He's much slower and his TNA performances didn't impress me. The old ECW RVD was great, but that's the past.

  13. TNA_fan says:

    Maybe RVD will become one of "Paul Haymen guy" sounds like a new group Hayman guy's VS the Shield…

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