Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 18, 2013
VIDEO: Sting Praises Jeff Hardy’s TNA Return

VIDEO: Sting Praises Jeff Hardy’s TNA Return

Here is Sting talking about Jeff Hardy being in such a better spot now than he was during their match at Victory Road where Jeff came out intoxicated:

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4 Responses to “VIDEO: Sting Praises Jeff Hardy’s TNA Return”

  1. soyfenomenal says:

    This interview is from no less than 7 months ago. Fuck you people.

  2. HolsG says:

    Think a lot of people do.
    I'm not a fan of his as i think he's a little overrated now but you do have to give credit where it's due

  3. TheBringer92 says:

    I think Matt Hardy's always been the better wrestler but been in the shadow of Jeff due to him going higher risk. But youve got to give him credit for staying clean.

  4. whatsup121 says:

    Duh anything is better than that Fiasco

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