Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 18, 2014
VIDEO: The Opening Of Tonight’s iMPACT! From NYC

VIDEO: The Opening Of Tonight’s iMPACT! From NYC

Here is the opening video for tonight’s huge TNA iMPACT! broadcast from the Manhattan Center in New York City. These shows were said to have been amazing and are likely worth checking out.

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5 Responses to “VIDEO: The Opening Of Tonight’s iMPACT! From NYC”

  1. nwoforlife says:

    turned on tna today and what did i see a circus ring what a joke RIP TN-CIRCUS DID THEY SERVE POPCORN AND COTTON CANDY WHAT A JOKE

    • hamzy_ji says:

      Did you watch the show? or just ripping it?

      • nwoforlife says:

        i watched the show then ripped it for what it was the only saving point was hardy

        • seabee44 says:

          nope you just ripped it because its all you know. If TNA would have added a drunken scott hall ,six pac, kevin nash and possibly chyna then you would have said it was a good show.Good luck with that .keep watching wwe and hope !

    • seabee44 says:

      what you missed was a great wrestling show. hopefully you can check it out next week and stay for a while !!!

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