Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 30, 2013
VIDEO: ‘The Pope’ Posts A ‘Tribute’ To Devon + Dutt Note

VIDEO: ‘The Pope’ Posts A ‘Tribute’ To Devon + Dutt Note

— Sonjay Dutt is set to appear on next weekend’s TNA live events in Delaware and Pennsylvania.

— Here is a video from Pope D’Angelo Dinero where he posts a “tribute” to Devon:

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4 Responses to “VIDEO: ‘The Pope’ Posts A ‘Tribute’ To Devon + Dutt Note”

  1. kevinroulette says:

    All a work , he just signed back little while ago. I thought the family member hulk was talking about was him not Anderson. I bet he will work again back stage

  2. kevinroulette says:

    I forgot how funny pope was . Now wish he was back in tna

  3. mrthefanboy says:

    I want Pope back in TNA.

  4. whatsup121 says:

    The Pope is Pimping

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