Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 30, 2013
VIDEO: TNA Releases Third #August1Warning Video

VIDEO: TNA Releases Third #August1Warning Video

Here is the latest #August1Warning video that TNA released today. TNA posted the following with the video: “At 12:00pm today (Tuesday), a third video arrived at the offices of IMPACT WRESTLING from the party claiming to be #August1Warning.”

The mystery man in the video continues to hint at his identity, noting, “I am not a rock star like Chris Jericho…I am not someone that 99% of you have ever heard of.”

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64 Responses to “VIDEO: TNA Releases Third #August1Warning Video”

  1. tna24 says:

    i was really thinking it could be bob holly, but this video makes me think it Adam Pearce

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      I'm honestly starting to think that the bald person in the videos isn't really the person they're bringing in, just a decoy to throw people off. When he turns, it looks like the clear facial outline of devon.

    • M1CKY020905 says:

      its tito ortiz there promoting the tito rampage fight if it aint him its gonna be an indy wrestler which i have nothing against but thats not gonna boost the raitings for tna very much.

      but all this seems very much the same as the old WCW days to me hogan and bischoff there trying to give you the same feeling as when hall and nash entered WCW and became the NWO except this time it aint wring seen it all before but typical hulk hogan and eric bischoff they dont have and new ideas that are good so they go back to the old ones which will not work this time round.

  2. tHe_SoRrOw says:

    He says "I am not someone 99% of people have NEVER heard of" which hints that he is a household name. I really hope that its not a flop reject that never really accomplished anything

    • iamanadult says:

      from what has been said/seen so far I'm assuming he's been a regular mid-card wwe guy from 2004 onwards and is bald and a shelton benjamin / bob holly sort of size. Not many notable household name free agents. If it were to be anybody decent like an edge or someone then there would be more of a build up. My bet is shelton where he has ties with angle and is a ncaa wrestler rather than a movie star or rock star

    • tnadude says:

      I heard the same thing. I think it means most of us have heard of him. Not sure that means he's a house-hold name though. Someone with a big name would get a bigger push.

      Still likely Adam Pierce. Regardless, I don't have my hopes up.

  3. tHe_SoRrOw says:

    I know this sounds really pathetic and im probably 1 million miles away from the truth here, but look at the shape of his face when he turns away at the end of the tape. He really looks like Orton. I know its not really viable since he won MitB and is a top WWE guy but he has been playing 2nd fiddle to Cena for years and he is one of the WWE's top guys who can actually wrestle. Plus, if this is the guy TNA is cutting back on to afford, it needs to be a big name like him. Just a thought. He may want his time at the top again, with WWE sucking Cena's ass, he isnt going to get a look in. He will be world champ in TNA for sure. Maybe he wants that?

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      No… Orton is signed to a very long term WWE contract, in which WWE doesn't allow him to appear on anything relating to any other company. Even if he were to be released from WWE today, he would still be under the 90-day no compete clause.

  4. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    I Quote JFlegler:
    "Congratulations to "Bad Bones" John Klinger for winning the TNA Gut Check Challenge! After earning the most fan votes, Klinger will now get his chance to appear on a future IMPACT broadcast to compete in the TNA Gut Check!"

    Here are some tweets from KLINGER:

    ""John Klinger ‏@TheGermanPsycho (20h)
    August is such a nice Month @IMPACTWRESTLING will have a #HOT summer! Athough [sic] some creepy #August1Warning, don't you think?""

    ""John Klinger ‏@TheGermanPsycho (28 Jul)
    What a sunny Day in July. Isn't it August soon? #August1Warning""

    Its almost certainly this guy. You thumbed us down because you didn't want it to be him.
    Alot of the ignorant people on this site…. Can't stand ignorance.
    I've been hearing ridiculous names like Orton , Big Show, King Mo etc.

    • Sturk says:

      he does kinda look like him lol… BUT BUT BUT… "i'm am somebody that 99% of you have never heard of," makes it not him. Most people have never heard of this guy you refer to.

    • Sturk says:

      Next reason why it's not him is because, do you actually really think he's going to give away a surprise on his twitter if his employer is saving it till Thursday? NOT happening.

      • TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

        People are saying it's Adam Pearce- who " gave it away" on twitter as well.
        He said 99% because he didn't want to sound like a COMPLETE nobody, and wasn't exactly going to say " 99.99%" was he ?

        • jflegler says:

          Yep…People are also saying that it is Bob Holly who sort of "gave it away" too when he posted. "No. Not me :-)" and Batista who "gave it away" when he re-tweeted the warning, so why not Klinger?

          The messaged stated that he was not someone that 99% of you never heard of – that is an ambiguous message and could be deciphered into anything.

          1. TNA is taking for granted that 99% of the fans check out the website (where you can see that he was voted for a Gutcheck tryout

          2. He was talking to the European audience

          3. He was throwing us all a curveball

          There is NO WAY that this is Randy Orton, not going to happen, please do not get your hopes up.

        • UKTNAFAN says:

          99% of fans know him. How many TNA fans will know Bad Bones John Klinger, this 99% consists of fans who just casually the show from week to week and aren't interested in how TNA is run for example. I highly doubt it's Bad Bones.

    • tnadude says:

      @TwIsTeD_EnEmY – here's the problem: If Klinger won gutcheck, he'd be a TNA employee… TNA would know he was coming. So, actually, it doesn't really make sense.

      Just sayin'.

      • jflegler says:

        He did not win Gutcheck. He won an audition for Gutcheck and is not a TNA employee.

        • tnadude says:

          Then he'd be headed to Gutcheck as part of the Gutcheck storyline. The only way this could fly is if the just threw gutcheck out the window with Pritchard gone.

          Personally, I think Gutcheck has had its run. But to have the tournament and not follow up would be a total sin. They need one more episode to tidy things up.

          If not, they might as well have Samoa Joe kidnapped again…

  5. ripwhoozwah1 says:

    Just a crazy guess, since it seems like the cool thing to do……. Sabu. maybe?
    He would be a big draw mid card name. plus it would almost be a counter punch to RVD going back to WWE

    • 1Risky1 says:

      I never heard Sabu speak

      • ripwhoozwah1 says:

        well it was just a crazy guess that I talked myself into being a good guess. However I googled it and Sabu is booked to be in the UK all of August. Would be awesome if they did bring him back, always one of my favorites.

      • Sturk says:

        He's spoke on WWE before. I don't think he spoke on TNA or ECW before. I don't think it is him though.

        • ripwhoozwah1 says:

          I have heard him speak in interviews, most of the time he never spoke because he was billed to be from india or the middle east or somewhere, so they didnt want him sounding like he was from Michigan

  6. jtjr45 says:

    Shelton Benjamin is the guy.

  7. andy3323 says:

    Go back to the 30 second mark, he says 'I am NOT someone 99% of you have NEVER heard of.' That means he is not a nobody or newcomer.

    • AdamExtreme says:

      Shit, I missed that part haha.

      • andy3323 says:

        Ha, well I had to listen to it like 4 times in a row just to make sure I heard it right. It doesn't help they misquoted it on the line the put above the video posted on here.

  8. RavenNevermore says:

    Its bad bones John Klinger. This just proved it because he is 99% of someone you never heard of. I really like these promos because if you debut a guy like this out of nowhere no one this way the wrestling fans on the internet who know wrestling as a whole territory and all can figure out easily who this is. Then teach the internet fans who just watch tna to go on youtube to look him up. To get to know who he is.

    • andy3323 says:


      He is 99% of someone we never heard of? What is the other 1% of him? 😉

      • TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

        He's not going to complete bury himself is he?
        Nor is he going to say " 99.99% instead of 99%, is he?
        He does alot of work on the Japanese and European indy scene, which is where about 1/1000 know him i'd guess.

    • TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

      Yeah, for me, he is the front-runner by far.
      It's going to be awesome gloating to all the "smart fans" on this site after tonight 😉

  9. andy3323 says:

    I'm with some of those already to say this, I'm not 100% convinced the person in the video is the person debuting. We already went through this with the initial encounter Sting and Hogan had with the A&8s president.

    But if it is the same person in the video, I am surprised I haven't seen more people guess Chris Masters. But I am have somewhat of a hard time finding someone whose ears match the ones in the video, if that is really the person.

  10. Jack says:

    I think it’s Justin credible… He did AOW a few weeks ago and is wrestling again. It’s a crazy guess but it wouldn’t shock me that tna would go to the ecw well again.

  11. Stunner says:

    I’m going to admit I’m stumped, ok TNA I hope you deliver on this one.

  12. TheBringer92 says:

    Bob Hardcore Holly?

  13. whatsup121 says:

    Man I hope this doesn't turn out to be a big let down

  14. tnafan05 says:


  15. Goeroe1981 says:

    Orton, Orton, Orton. TNA let the case in court go that they had against WWE. Because WWE and TNA made a deal with Orton involved and his 90 day period is not in effect through that deal. Dixie tweets: the new Person will SLITHER to the TNA ring. People keep guessing i will bet all my money on Orton.

    • tHe_SoRrOw says:

      Thats a good point on the slither metaphor she used. For people who dont know (you really should) Orton is known as the Viper in WWE

    • Sturk says:

      WWE iis not about to have him win MIB just to go to TNA lol.

      • tHe_SoRrOw says:

        Thats the only thing thats putting a doubt on it in my mind. It has to be somebody of his calibre for TNA to start dratiscally trimming their roster down. Maybe they are using the MitB win for him as a storyline starter. Maybe there will be a feud between 2 others for the MitB chance after Orton vacates it? I duno, but it had better be someone worth it. Actually looking forward to Thursday night now

        • jflegler says:

          Let me play the devil's advocate here.

          There is NO WAY that this is Randy Orton, but if it were to be, Vince could of had Orton win money in the bank just to get SQUASHED against Cena before his departure (breaking Sheamus' 19 second record).

    • Get_Carter says:

      No way this is Orton. Besides the WWE side (Money in the bank winner) TNA would be a fool not to milk this more. Next to Kurt Angle this would be TNA's biggest "jump". TNA would be building this up for weeks if not longer to get the excitement level up. These videos are a good way to spark interest but it's not going to end up being a huge, bombshell WWE to TNA jump. I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worst here.

  16. Sim3rd says:

    Chuck Liddell

  17. nonstopfan says:

    This is someone that we don't know. Listen to the video…."He says being that 1%, I will shake things up" This was after he stated the "99%" statement. If it wasn't for this statement, I would say Mysterio unmasked, but its just probably an Indy guy

    • Goeroe1981 says:

      You misheard:

      He is not 99% we NEVER heard of, so he is the 1% we all know.

      2 Hints where given:

      1. He's a WWE Huge star
      2. He comes slithering in

      5 people who i will say are the 1% absolute best in WWE. I didn't name Batista and Jericho because they are allready off the list.

      1. Untertaker (too small of a shadow)
      2. CM Punk (will never work for TNA he says)
      3. Sheamus (has a beard)
      4. Cena (never never never buy Cena TNA and WWE wouldn't let him go anyway)
      5. Orton (the hints and everything else point ot him and the voice plus shadow add up)

      Edit: Just read that Orton was attacked by a fan after his win and is now injured according to WWE. Hmmmm the plot thickens.

      • jflegler says:

        I saw the video and it looked staged – it was a groin shot from behind.

        WWE posted the following:

        *** has learned that Randy Orton was violently attacked by an audience member during a SmackDown World Tour Live Event in Cape Town, South Africa, this evening. Footage of the attack was captured by a WWE fan and posted to YouTube, and shows the perpetrator striking Orton from behind. The matter is currently under investigation by the local authorities, and the South African fan is being held in jail pending criminal charges. The extent of Orton’s injuries are unknown at this time.***

        • Goeroe1981 says:

          Indeed why would a normal fan have the power to "injure" Orton? This is a set up to let him go……

          2 reasons why:

          1. He will always be second best after Cena (in the WWE Universes eyes, I have another opinion because i think the non PG Orton would be really great) and feels the breath of the new comers in his neck and in TNA he will be the absolute top.

          2. He has never made it a secret that he also liked TNA. Last year he had conversations with TNA and Hogan flirted with him.

          (ps. He also had a fued with Batista after evolution broke up)

  18. Sim3rd says:

    Another ex UFC guy

  19. Icestylez says:

    Does it need to be a guy? Or else I can put Awesome Kong in my guess list. Lol

  20. Lild says:

    It’s Cody hall Scott halls son

  21. UKTNAFAN says:

    99% of us will know him. This guy has to be ex-WWE, even at some point 99% is obviously a massive majority so he won't just be from ROH or anywhere else, he has to have had a run in WWE at some point. After the first I thought DOC (good old release swerve.) or Adam Pearce, maybe even Bob Holly – I hope not – Then by the second after the Batista name drop I was all over the idea of John Morrison, (this also ties in with the Rockstar part about Jericho) but there's so many potential names. So I won't speculate anymore.

    One thing I want to do is congratulate TNA on this whole idea, they started it with under a week before the reveal, put out three videos, which within wrestling fans at least, has gone viral. the storm whipped up around this in such a short amount of time is amazing, big credit to them.
    Going forward I hope TNA don't reveal this guy on Thursday at the live show OR taping. I hope there's either a beat down on someone, so we so this guy's intentions then he's revealed at the next live show from now, otherwise I hope we see very little of him on thursday.

  22. Listentna says:

    Its nathan jones

  23. UKTNAFAN says:

    Another video surfaced. "I'm not Goldberg" no mention of anything like "I'm not Bob Holly" – if it's Hardcore Holly I will cry so much, major disappointment.

  24. Ozzfactordto says:

    “I am NOT somebody who 99% of you have NEVER heard of.” Either it’s someone who we’ve all heard of or the guy cutting this promo has bad grammar with the double negative.

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