Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 9, 2014
VIDEOS: Lots Of TNA Stars Hype Tonight’s Lockdown PPV

VIDEOS: Lots Of TNA Stars Hype Tonight’s Lockdown PPV

TNA released the following videos featuring numerous talents hyping tonight’s Lockdown pay-per-view event from Miami, FL:

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  1. Neval says:

    I’ll be honest; I never had faith in TNA. Not bucseae of the quality of their product, but their overall idea of conducting business. While they had some pretty good wrestling over the years (as mentioned above) It seemed from the get-go they didn’t have a solid idea of where they were going or how they would run the company, and when Bischoff and Hogan came on board, all bets were off. Seeing what happened with WCW made me hope for the worst. And I was kinda right. They DID give us a Gooker two years ago. :pAnyway, I don’t think TNA will completely wash out and put themselves under like WCW, but they sure won’t get a whole lot better at this rate.

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