Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 22, 2014
VIDEOS: Sting On The WWE Network + DDP/Warrior

VIDEOS: Sting On The WWE Network + DDP/Warrior

— WWE released the following videos of Sting discussing The Ultimate Warrior, which originally aired on the WWE’s Ultimate Legend documentary series…

— The following is a tribute package for Ultimate Warrior featured on the official YouTube channel of Diamond Dallas Page:

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6 Responses to “VIDEOS: Sting On The WWE Network + DDP/Warrior”

  1. Ultimate_X says:

    im happy for sting but it just feels so wrong seeing him in wwe videos!

    • Whatever says:

      It’s not sting talking. It’s Steve Borden talking. And no its not the same he is not talking in character nor is he wearing face paint.

  2. gar2233 says:

    steve borden is sting

    • Whatever says:

      Sting is a character portrayed by Steve Borden. I have noticed a lot of tna fans seem to think that wrestling is real, but the reality of it is everything is staged and when wrestlers go home like sting for example he returns as Steve. He doesn’t talk like sting or anything. It’s an act that is done for the fans.

      • fritiz1 says:

        Thanks for clearing that up. You saved me from looking stupid right before I was going to post how much that Steve guy in the video looks like Sting when he doesn't have his face paint on. Seriously though it just doesn't look right having Sting's face right next to the WWE logo.

  3. Tony Schivone says:

    Sting has optoons like shane douglas billionaire backed CWF or jeff jarretts GFW both feds have financial backing and douglas fed is offering healthcare aswell as profit sharing and 401k’s. Those packages will certainly attract legends.

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