Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 17, 2014
Vince Russo: ‘I’ve Never Turned A Professional Wrestler Heel’

Vince Russo: ‘I’ve Never Turned A Professional Wrestler Heel’

On his new website, Vince Russo wrote an editorial commenting on MVP’s turn in TNA and turns in professional wrestling in general.

Here is an excerpt:


Yeah, you got that right–-that’s why I put it in bold type. Here–-I will say it again:


Not to be disrespectful to any one reading this, because that’s not my purpose at all–remember, I’m a Professor now, so I have to lead by example–but, I don’t think that the wrestling fan truly understands that a “turn” is not a “turn” at all, but rather a character “reacting” when faced with a certain set of circumstances, a certain situation–-or–a certain conflict. It’s that character –staying true to himself–at that point in time–under the cirmcumstances/situation given. In other words–-there is NO TURN at all–-the character is just reacting to what’s now been handed to him.

Let me explain–-and I’ll do it with MVP.

Upon his arrival in TNA as the “Director of Business Operations”, MVP clearly told us the story of his checkered past: life on the streets, his gang affiliation, doing time in jail for breaking the law, etc. MVP then went on to explain that he was given a “second chance in life”, and that he was very grateful for this opportunity in TNA.”

OK–-so from a storytelling POV (point of view) MVP has just explained to us his background–-his past–who he was at another time in his life.

So from there, MVP goes on and conducts himself in a professional manner as the Director of Wrestling Operations at TNA. He’s all about truth, justice and the AMERICAN WAY!!

Getting back to MVP. So, MVP represents his job to the best of his capability–-until–-some how, some way, Eric Young becomes the TNA World Heavyweight Champion! The circumstances/situation is now changed. Now, at this point, one would have to think that MVP may be starting to get a little “frustrated” with his job. I mean, there’s been headache, after headache with Samoa Joe, then you throw Austin Aries into that picture–-you get the idea. MVP has to be asking himself—”is this what I really signed up for? I’M A WRESTLER!” Now–-add to that— “he’s a wrestler” with a CHECKERED PAST!!!

MVP1All of the above is called character development. Once a character is established–-the fun comes when you can really start thinking about–-what they’re thinking about. What would–so and so–do if put in that situation.”

You can find the full article at this link.

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