Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jul 31, 2014
Vince Russo Lashes Out – Claims He’s Going To Reveal All!

Vince Russo Lashes Out – Claims He’s Going To Reveal All!

We published a report yesterday saying that Vince Russo was actually fired from TNA by John Gaburick and did not, as Russo says, leave on his own terms.

Now, Russo has gone on the offensive on Twitter. Russo posted the following to his Twitter account, using the “unnamed sources are crap” excuse. It is worth noting that while we all disdain the “anonymous source” excuse (believe me, we would love to have sources we can identify), many sources for journalism across various fields stay anonymous because they fear for their jobs if they are revealed. That’s not an attempt to comment on the legitimacy (or lack thereof) of the original report, but instead an attempt to explain why we’ll never hear “This specific person from TNA has revealed…”

Russo added the following to Twitter, promoting a new column on the VIP section of his website which claims to have information on his exit:

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5 Responses to “Vince Russo Lashes Out – Claims He’s Going To Reveal All!”

  1. seabee44 says:

    lol he lost it some one call a medic! but seriously he needs help

  2. Kevin gwozdz says:

    They need to keep this kind of backstage stuff to themselves. It isn’t anything else that ruined pro wrestling other than this unnecessary revealing of backstage info. Tell em ole!

  3. JoeWrestling says:

    Who cares about Russo. Even if you like him, it's over, not worth discussing. Using these unnamed sources for everything isn't journalism, it's gossip. If a reputable journalist uses unnamed sources then at least the credibility of the journalist is on the line, and they are expected to have multiple sources, not two people who heard the same thing from the same source. The daily news emporium of unnamed sources giving their opinions and feelings on every little thing seen and heard is just plain gossip. It's not like we are told it's the same unnamed source we can count on, the unnamed source changes from hour to hour it seems.

  4. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    If someone in the real business world acted in such a manor, they would be blacklisted by every major company. How is it that he and others like Cornette get away with it?

  5. GlobalForceRising says:

    TNA hired him and tried to keep it a secret because they knew that his involvement may impact the tv deal with Spike. Spike finds out about it, and whether it was a main reason to not renew TNA or not, they decided to not bring IMPACT back. So then TNA "fires" Russo, or he "quits". Say what you will, and while Russo can go off the deep end, this is a bed that TNA made for themselves. Honestly, had Spike found out about Russo's involvement AFTER signing a new deal, it really could have shit canned the relationship between the two as Spike could have felt that TNA did not provide full disclosure of who was employed by the company. How screwed would TNA have been at that point?

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