Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 25, 2014
Wes Briscoe: ‘Aces & 8’s Should Have Lasted Longer’

Wes Briscoe: ‘Aces & 8’s Should Have Lasted Longer’


Wes Briscoe recently spoke about the Aces & Eights angle. Here are the highlights…

On The Aces & Eights Angle: “It could have gone a lot longer; there could have been more story to it., but with new management what can you do?”

On Training For Opportunities in Japan: “I’ve been training hopefully there are opportunities in Japan. I am training my butt off,” he said. “Mostly every legend goes to Japan. It’s another culture and another style of wrestling.”

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11 Responses to “Wes Briscoe: ‘Aces & 8’s Should Have Lasted Longer’”

  1. soyfenomenal says:

    Hahahahaha it should have ended so much sooner. It was so bad after everyone was unmasked. Literally no interest in the storyline when there was no mystery.

    • tna4life says:

      I totally agree after the unmasking of everyone it got boring then the high point was DOC was about to turn on Bully then he left TNA! Then Anderson took over and hogan/Bishoff was out the door it was OVER! Aces & Eights started with a Bang then ended in with a THUD!

  2. Get_Carter says:

    It ran it's course and honestly overstayed it's welcome.

  3. db_willis says:

    Clark getting back into the business of ripping news from tnainsider again…

  4. HolsG says:

    over a year is more than enough for an interfering tag team who p isses everyone off

  5. Mr_Wrestling_IV says:

    Nice picture of Wes. Maybe you can get a high school picture next.

  6. Mr. Excitement says:

    Wes ain't the brightest knife in the drawer.

  7. JoeWrestling says:

    Why does the headline says "Should" and the quotes say "Could". Two different meanings, especially with one sentence out of context.

  8. hangers says:

    Or it could have ended much earlier and spared all the viewers a week in week out cringeworthy, low budget SOA ripoff..

  9. Dick C. Carter says:

    Poorly booked. What do you expect? When your "huge Super Villain stable" loses matches week after week, how can you expect them to stick around and have a "long run?"

  10. A_Double says:

    Better than 'The Authority'

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