Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 30, 2013
What Exactly Happened With AJ Styles, TNA & ROH?

What Exactly Happened With AJ Styles, TNA & ROH?

AJ Styles return at the Nashville Fairgrounds TV Taping is not Styles’ only date with Ring of Honor. At this time, Styles will not be signing a long-term deal with the company, but is scheduled for several dates in 2014. Those dates will be announced shortly.

The deal for Styles to return to ROH was done late Friday/early Saturday, and had been on the table since his contract issues with TNA started. Styles and TNA had been negotiating for months and had a verbal deal in place. When it came to signing the contract at some point within the past few weeks, talks once again broke down and Styles basically threw his hands up and said “enough is enough.”

Speaking of AJ Styles, the following is the confirmed list of upcoming independent dates for him…

January 4 Ring Of Honor Nashville Fairgrounds AJ vs Roderick Strong
January 18 Magnum Pro Wrestling Cedar Falls, IA AJ vs Jayusin Strife
January 19 Pro Wresting Xpress at Ziggy’s in Winston, Salem, NC AJ vs Cedric Alexander
January 26 Smash Wrestling in Toronto, ON
February 1 Dreamwave Wrestling Chicago, IL AJ v s Christian Rose
February 7 Deep Southern Championship Wrestling Blue Ridge, GA AJ & Cody Roberts vs Corey Hollis & Shaun Tempers
February 8 CZW 15th Anniversary Vorhees, NJ AJ vs Tommy Dreamer
February 15 House of Glory Ridgewood, NY AJ & Amazing Red vs Young Bucks
Autographs Euros Plaza 3271 Richmond, ST Staten Island, NY noon-2pm—feb-15.html

February 23 Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling Freeland, PA AJ vs Tommy Suede
March 1 Preston City Wrestling UK AJ vs Lionheart
March 14 2CW Binghamton, NY AJ vs. Eddie Edwards
March 15 UWE Harrisburg, PA AJ vs AR Fox
April 26 Remix Pro Marietta, OK AJ vs Facade

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