Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jun 21, 2012
What Will Open Tonight’s LIVE TNA iMPACT?

What Will Open Tonight’s LIVE TNA iMPACT?

The opening segment of tonight’s TNA IMPACT Wrestling will feature X Division Champion Austin Aries giving his answer to Hulk Hogan. Will Aries remain the X-Division Champion? Will he give it up in order to main event Destination X in a TNA World Title Match? Or will it be something different? Aries posted the following about his decision yesterday on Twitter…

@HulkHogan It’s the Eye of the Tiger. #GREAT that you see that in me. Still a tough decision come Thursday….

and I’ve come to a decision. @HulkHogan @REALBobbyRoode, I choose Option C. Option C? @IMPACTWRESTLING, tomorrow 8pm/7c on @SpikeTV…

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11 Responses to “What Will Open Tonight’s LIVE TNA iMPACT?”

  1. genetic_mistake says:

    He stays X Division champ, challenges and defeats Roode, but then throws down the Heavyweight title and declares the X Division the greatest thing in all pro wrestling! The entire X Division roster gets a huge boost to the main event while the old, slow, washed up, and untalented "headliners" unable to compete for the X Division title linger in upper mid-card status battling for their belt… somewhere between the knockouts and the TV championship.

  2. rtype6 says:

    Aries = ratings

  3. vantheman77 says:

    I'm sorry but I can't see TNA having the World title drop to Austin Aries since James Storm is booked to win the World title from Roode in BFG. The problem with Aries winning the World title is that it would give James Storm's title win from Roode in BFG little to no meaning.

    Aries may not win the World title, but this is a test to see if he has what it takes to main event on a big league level with the likes of Sting, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, RVD, Ken Anderson, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, and James Storm among others. I agree with with Hogan that this is the time for Aries to put his confidence to the test.

  4. Kyle says:

    I think this will be the third time Devon doesn’t defend his title on national tv. Once being due to his being in the #1 contender battle royal, and two times being on xplosion(which one of those is tonight). Since they said it would be defended on TV every week, maybe they should defend on every weeks impact, since xplosion is only on the net and in other countries.

    • galetyler says:

      I kind of agree but at the same time tonight's impact is going to have a good amount of matches due to the BFG series competitors calling each other out so I can see why they would have him defend it on Xplosion

      • Kyle says:

        I see what your saying, but they aren’t even defending it on national TV. Maybe cut out a few unneeded hogan promos, there’s always a way. Plus not all BFG tournie matches are on TV, a lot are on live events. The TV title being defended each week on TV had me really excited. As long as they don’t push the title defense onto Xplosion more often I’ll be ok.

  5. D-money says:

    Sweet Baby Jesus don’t be a unification match! I knew it! They’re trying to get toys of the X-Division! Hogan you son of a bitch!

  6. D-money says:

    Get rid of

  7. D-money says:

    I meant get rid of the x-division. Damn swype.

  8. galetyler says:

    I can see Aries saying that he'll defend the X title in the main event of Destination X against someone who is a proven main eventer and we get AA against either Aj styles (doubtful due to his current story line) or Jeff Hardy

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