Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 3, 2013
What’s Up With Jeff Jarrett & TNA Wrestling?

What’s Up With Jeff Jarrett & TNA Wrestling?

Jeff Jarrett is now working as an agent at the TNA television tapings.

Jarrett returned at last week’s tapings and worked on the production of several matches.

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9 Responses to “What’s Up With Jeff Jarrett & TNA Wrestling?”

  1. TheBringer92 says:

    get him back on screen, gm?

  2. HolsG says:

    When i saw the word 'returned' i couldn't help but get my hopes up!

    I'd love him back on camera, i think allowing him to sort the matches could be a sign they are trying to go back to pre-Hogan days when Jeff had control.

    • tnadude says:

      Odd – why do comments around here keep getting "deleted by administrator" as soon as I leave them? Seems to happen for one blog-post per week or so… Is there some kind of filter in place? In my original comment, I did make a snide remark about the headline. Who knows…

      Anyway, I'd love to see Jeff come back along side AJ (maybe without contracts) and feud with Dixie.

      Regardless, more Jarrett is better, and Hogan as the authority figure has run its course, so it's time for a change.

  3. tna24 says:

    any jarrett is better then no jarrett. love seeing him work with tna again.

  4. Vampirofan says:

    Always been a fan of J double, hopefully we can see him back on our screens soon!

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