Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 8, 2012
When Does Rob Van Dam’s TNA Contract Expire?, More

When Does Rob Van Dam’s TNA Contract Expire?, More

Rob Van Dam recently appeared on the Joe McDonnell Uncensored show, discussing his TNA contract and a possible WWE return. Here is what he had to say…

“I walked away from every wrestling company I’ve ever worked for, except for one. When I first started out, the first territory I did in the summer of ’91 was USWA. It was the Jarretts’. So when my contract runs out with TNA, who even knows if Jeff is one of the bosses anymore, it’s so confusing. But if he is and it’s their decision, if they say, ‘Thanks, we enjoyed it’ and we walk off, it’ll be like the only two times in my career (that’s happened). Every other time meaning WWE twice, ECW, WCW, All Japan, everywhere – I’ve always been like, ‘All right I’ve had enough.’ I felt like I knew when it was time to go. I never had any regrets.”

“Right now this could actually be my last gig, I don’t know. When my deal’s up (in March), I don’t even know what I want. People are asking, ‘Oh, are you going to WWE?’ I honestly don’t know what I want to happen. I’m more of go with the flow, let’s see what happens. Anyway, it’s possible that when it’s up that I could maybe not even sign another full-time deal, who knows. It’s possible, which would make this my last full-time gig.”

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  1. joe says:

    In my opinion he alays struggles to reach his full potential.. Half the time his ring work is sloppy and it seems he doesn’t care which is a shame considering if he put it out there every night like a lot of guys do he would be epic! Samoa joe falls under that aswell, you only have to watch his earlier matches with the company to see the intensity and skill he brought to matches compared to now.. Their match on impact was a bit hard to watch tbh!

    • Pipboy86 says:


      It may not be addictive chemically, but if anyone doubts the negative effect it can have on people, Rob Van Dam is a good example that YES, Yes it can and obviously does. It has been such a slow and subtle decline that even RVD himself probably doesn't realize it. The old RVD in ECW is apples and oranges to the RVD we see today and saw for much of the second half of his WWE career. The RVD who just goes through the motions and looks like his mind is somewhere else. Not only does it not even look like the same wrestler, he doesn't even look like the same guy personality wise and age and decline can't explain that. He simply isn't that old. The energy he once gave off is almost completely gone. He looks and comes across like the stereotypical dead eyed stoner.

      • Leg Drop Jobber says:

        BULLSH!T. Only a non-smoker would blame P-O-T. Pot doesn't "take your mind somewhere else." That's HEROIN. If anything, P-O-T makes you FOCUS on what you are doing. I know there's the "lazy stoner hippie" stereotype and all, but in all seriousness, if you were to "take the pot away from the hippie," he would STILL be a "LAZY HIPPIE."

        I don't see how you can so blatantly blame RVD for his supposed "going through the motions." TNA, much like the WWE, has short matches where the wrestlers involved typically run through their popular "spots" and then FINISH IN UNDER 10 minutes. Yes, we've seen the "RVD catalog spots numerous times at this point, but go back to matches like the hardcore battle with Abyss a year or two ago. Go back to his match against Jerry Lynn last year. That was great stuff. The problem is, TNA has a 2 hour TV slot each week and they focus a lot on big names and backstage segments instead of in-ring action and long, detailed matches. TNA doesn't let guys "go out there and do their thing," the way guys like RVD were allowed to do in ECW. TNA is just as scripted as the WWE.

        Sure, there has "been more wrestling" on Impact lately than before, but still not enough for any versatile athlete like AJ Styles or RVD to do much more than the typical move set. The guy is 42 now and is still as flexible and indestructible as ever. The guy has even stated in interviews that he would "like to do more creatively in the ring, but TNA wants him to work a lighter-edged style."

        The same goes for other guys, like Jeff Hardy. When was the last time you seen Hardy do anything outside of his typical repertoire?

      • ariesstormjoe says:

        any thing can be a negative effect imo if the body takes too much of it in.

        RVD doesnt seem like hes doing it to the point where he shouldnt wrestle. which is the main thing imo.

        the energy he once gave off that he doesnt so much now ill give you 1 reason AGE.

        he can still put on a good match tho. rather him in the ring or on the mic than about 70% at a guess of the new guys in wrestling.

      • Peckar says:

        Oh Pip. So educated on many aspects of wrestling, but drug use is obviously not one of them. I think you will find a lot of wrestlers would much rather puff on a spliff for pain relief than pop a bunch of pills. For obvious reasons. Marijuana is a relaxant, thus aids the body in its recovery. Hell my Uncle smoked it for pain relief from his Hep B and said it was better than anything the Docs prescribed.

        • ricky_No1 says:

          The negatives of smoking pot outweigh the positives by a long way. Pain relief is the only good thing about its use.

          • Peckar says:

            there is countless other websites and docos that state otherwise if you would like more information. Would be my pleasure Kung Fu Panda!

          • ricky_No1 says:

            You forgot the fact that reasearch sugests it causes schizophrenia, has negative effects on the immune system, causes anxiety and depression and thats just a small list from countless other websites that state otherwise.

          • Peckar says:

            Actually it helps anxiety and depression lol. I think you have the side effects of prescription medicine mixed up. Pot can make you drowsy as a side effect, that's it.

          • ricky_No1 says:

            I dont know where your getting your info but it aint the same place as me.

          • Peckar says:

            How do you know it's not experience?

          • ricky_No1 says:

            If your talking about clinical depression and anxiety then thats something we have in common. Thats why judo for me. Excercise is the best answer but if pot works for some people then so be it lol

          • Peckar says:

            It is well documented that doctors are hounded by pharmaceutical companies to sell their product. Some say they get a commission , or at least perks from the companies. There are documentaries out there that prove some drugs are the same pills they used for a different illness five years after it was taken off the shelf, just in a different colour and label. People's reliance on prescribed medicine nowadays is ridiculous. If you are prescribed marijuana by your doctor you can't just get it at your chemist. Why? Because chemists can't make money off of something you can grow yourself in your backyard. This is why most studies against pot use are biased opinions and not the data. Obviously the herb has to be taken responsibly. I see it like a red wine, one glass a day is good for you, a bottle a day is not. there is sixty odd chemicals in the plant with many having health benefits. THC is only one chemical which gives you that "stoned" feeling. Sorry for the long winded reply. But if someone will listen, I will talk lol

  2. hangers says:

    Unfortunately I think he's been a bit of a bust in TNA, he seems to be stuck in a foregone era and needs to re-invent himself. I would love to see the man turn heel but he's not going to do it as he want's to protect his 'image' but it has worked so well for so many wrestlers before him..

    • 02Roadking says:

      I agree with you – he won't be missed……

    • Dante_Cross says:

      He couldnt work as a heel. You need a lot more charisma to be a heel than a face. You need to be better at speaking and you have to have a moveset that is dominating or tactical, as opposed to flipping around the ring, b/c you're against the fans so you aren't supposed to impress them (if you get what I mean, not saying they are supposed to suck but its a diff mentality)

      • hangers says:

        Being a heel doesn't mean you can't pull off impressive moves as long as your an a'hole about it and do other sh*t that makes the crowd mad.

      • Leg Drop Jobber says:

        Go back to his first couple years in ECW and tell me he's not an awesome heel. RVD just doesn't belong in a corporate wrestling environment where he is limited.

        • ricky_No1 says:

          You just stated the problem with RVD without even knowing. Go back 15 years or more when he was relevant. He needs to change with the times but still thinks its the 90s

          • Leg Drop Jobber says:

            Considering wrestling is at a low creatively, I'm glad RVD HASN'T changed with the times.

  3. DJBIGCG says:

    If rvd does leave tna and goes back to wwe, that would be another one tna has lost and that begs me to ask the question, why is everybody wanting out of tna since tna is suppose to have the lighter schedule and more freedom then in wwe

  4. Leg Drop Jobber says:

    RVD will always be a fave of mine. I can't say TNA has done him a lot of justice. RVD thrives best in a "hardcore" type environment when in the ring. He is also a "30 minute plus" kind of wrestler. Those things don't happen as often in TNA anymore.

    • rawuncutnxrated says:

      He was rockin' out. Who the hell would be motivated after Abytch & his stupid baseball bat w/ the Immortal crap that pretty much left him out in the cold? RVD was doing well when he 1st came back & then bang they do the most idiotic story which has only been beaten by Claire Lynch & by a hair.

      RVD is one of my all time favs as well.

  5. Ringmaster44 says:

    Let RVD challenge Ion for x divison title at bfg both need a match and would be easy feud as RVD was original X division. Give him the belt and make divison interesting again. just a thought

  6. jdwolfie says:

    They should just have a match stipulation where all of RVD's matches are hardcore. TNA needs to loosen up a bit and make fun of themselves every now and then. I know some people will say that will give him an advantage but come on … it's wrestling! Either that or make all Knockouts matches hardcore; that would make the Knockouts look just as tough as the guys if not tougher.

  7. jdwolfie says:

    They should let all of RVD's matches be hardcore matches. TNA needs to loosen up a bit and make fun of themselves every now and then. I know some people will say this will give RVD an advantage but for crap's sake, it's wrestling! Either that, or make all Knockouts matches "hardcore". People will see them as being just as tough as the men and maybe even more. I mean, seriously, how often do we see hardcore matches in TNA? It's just the same old singles and tag-team matches evey week. Make some triple tag team matches or make some creative stipulations.

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