Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 14, 2013
Which TNA Talents MVP Wants To Work With & More

Which TNA Talents MVP Wants To Work With & More

MVP, who is currently a free agent after parting ways with New Japan Pro Wrestling in February, addressed his future in the professional wrestling industry on Twitter on Tuesday.

When asked what’s next for him after leaving NJPW, MVP responded, “Thinking about it. WWE, TNA, retirement?

“I’ve never worked with Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Mr. Anderson/Kennedy, Bobby Roode and so forth. I’ve often wondered what that would be like.”

“The beautiful thing for me is that my future is wide open wherever I end up. Living life on my terms is an amazing feeling. Live for YOU!”

MVP later clarified his remark regarding the possibility of joining TNA Wrestling: “To be clear, I didn’t say I WANT TO GO TO TNA. I just said they had some guys that are tremendously talented that are on my wish list.”

MVP also tweeted the following on Tuesday regarding the differences between WWE and Japan:

“Being a WWE fan doesn’t make u a PRO WRESTLING fan. There r AMAZING wrestlers in Mexico, Japan, Europe you’ve never heard of but would love!”

“WWE is the biggest promotion in the world. The best production. Some awesome talent. But pro wrestling is bigger than WWE. I had a blast working there. I also had a blast working in Japan. Different psychology, different styles. It all comes down to personal preference.”

“Khali was World Heavy Weight champion. That’s usually reserved for the best. Is he among the best? Remember it’s ENTERTAINMENT.”

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9 Responses to “Which TNA Talents MVP Wants To Work With & More”

  1. TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

    Which TNA talents want to work with MVP: none
    Seriously, I really hope they don't sign this guy- hes been slagging off TNA for so long now, he doesn't deserve to be part of the company

  2. DJBIGCG says:

    Since mvp has already been with wwe, he may try something new with tna. I'm not even sure if wwe would take him back if he wanted to go back, but you never know

  3. Dante_Cross says:

    Funny, considering it wasn't too long ago that he was talking trash on TNA and saying he wouldn't work there.

  4. mfg420 says:

    Who the fuck is MVP ?? What has he done ?? Just cuz you came out on Wwe don’t make u better than any one in TNA … how menny world titles have you won to act like you some fomer world champ …. Angle former world. Champ Joe former world champ Mr. Anderson. …Anderson former world champ and he had to win the TNA fans as well n last on his dream list Bobby Roode longest TNA champ in TNA history … MVP you were a mid card super star now your a former mid card super star..

  5. Stunner says:

    I kinda feel sorry for MVP the meat grinder known as the WWE doesn’t need him anymore. The rags to rising to the top thing was cool for awhile after that mid card and then the door. The guy is not bad in the ring however I don’t think he would fit the TNA style of wrestling that is TNA. I think TNA is moving more of telling the story in the ring vise the WWE with all the promos. Don’t get me wrong TNA has its share of Promos however I feel that their focusing more on matches to develop a storyline. With fewer PPVs this put more focus on in the ring maches . This is definitely a plus for the fans as well as the wrestlers get more exposer to a wider audience at house shows.

  6. Treck says:

    He actually had a couple of matches in TNA before going to WWE

  7. whatsup121 says:

    MVP = Mid carder

  8. Real Deal Heel says:

    MVP…which talents would he work with…hmmmm…..any that they let him if anyone cared to sign him. Wow. Who cares bout this dude?

  9. VinceMcMahon says:

    MVP misses me hahahaha…. You are fired!!!

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