Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Mar 14, 2014
Who Are TNA’s Main Agents These Days?

Who Are TNA’s Main Agents These Days?

Bully Ray, Al Snow, Tommy Dreamer, Abyss and Pat “Simon Diamond” Kenney are the main agents working behind-the-scenes right now in TNA Wrestling.

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3 Responses to “Who Are TNA’s Main Agents These Days?”

  1. tna4life says:

    They are putting together some really good storylines thus this far ! I enjoyed the Lockdown PPV Tigre Uno is going to be great, I love his moves. TNA needs to bring back Sonja Dutt, that guy has some crazy moves as well! Also when can I purchase a Tigre Uno Mask it looks sweet!

  2. hamzy_ji says:

    Out of interest, what is the main job role for an agent? Do they work with talent on what should go on in the ring?

  3. mutaisback says:

    I already knew that Bully Ray worked as an agent, but never knew that Abyss was one. That's pretty cool.

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