Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 15, 2013
Why An Ex-TNA Star Is Involved In A Big WWE RAW Angle

Why An Ex-TNA Star Is Involved In A Big WWE RAW Angle

Source: The Wrestling Observer

The reason that WWE is using NXT performer Xavier Woods’ name in the current “petition” angle to bring The Big Show back is because WWE has been looking for a way to get him on the main roster. Management has been high on Woods for some time, and feel he can be a PR asset to the company, as he has a masters degree and is currently working on his doctorate. The WWE announcers referenced Woods and NXT on RAW last night.

Prior to being signed by WWE, Woods had a run in TNA as Consequences Creed.

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27 Responses to “Why An Ex-TNA Star Is Involved In A Big WWE RAW Angle”

  1. scenxad says:

    he has languished in NXT for ages

    • nicholal79 says:

      Maybe they were letting him focus on his education before bringing him up! Being on the road and working on your education would be very hard!

      • Bigmike885 says:

        a logical point on the site…way to be sir..

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  2. purpleurkel says:

    affirmative action lol

  3. nicholal79 says:

    Dude is working on his doctorate!? That dude is an asset outside of the ring, TNA screwed that one up!

    • Pippin says:

      I recall that TNA wanted to keep him, but granted him a release so he could work a lesser schedule in order to focus on his studies (getting his MA as he already got his BA's in 2008). So they hardly screwed anything up, especially as when he was in TNA he didn't have his matsers yet, never mind the doctorate.

      • TheMiwyun says:

        how the fuck would you know that? ''i recall'' i bet you recall from the leeft side of your brain you hella douche

        • Pippin says:

          The reason for the insults is? Was that at all necessary? Try not resorting to such pettiness, it just makes you look dreadfully unpleasent and terribly childish indeed, especially when completely unprovoked like that.

          I recall that because it was reported on this very site when he left TNA. The article said that he wanted to focus on his MA and get a PHD, which he is now working on.

          • Bigmike885 says:

            careful man..don't argue with pre-pubescent kids..they use naughty words on the internet..

          • Pippin says:

            Lesson learnt, thanks awfully for the advice! If they had just asked kindly that would have been fine. I think that's a pretty fair question and I hope I've answered that for anyone else who may have wanted to ask too. Perhaps I should have included the answer in my initial post, but I've never had a problem on forums before when recalling some relevant information and sharing it. Ah well, one simply can't let such people get to you and the less said about their rudeness & insults the better.

        • The Amazing Crimson Spider says:

          Way to make yourself look like an asshole. I just hope you aren’t American. We don’t need anymore guys like you making us look like ignorant, know-it-all fools on here. If you didn’t agree with what he said then say so….respectfully. You don’t have to act like a total douchebag just because you wanna play internet gangsta. Grow up Peter Pan.

    • Luchador says:

      he was around 21 TNA doesn't have a magic ball to see peoples future

  4. Sturk says:

    Funny how if TNA gets a WWE guy then ppl call him a WWE reject but if WWE uses a TNA guy people say thats TNA's loss lol lol lol. Even TNA fans are inherently brainwashed by WWE lol.

    • Grandiose7 says:

      That's because WWE is the premiere league, TNA is like the minors, even if you love tna be honest. If someone doesn't make it in WWE often it's a creative or bad booking issue, not because they can't go. If TNA loses someone it's also usually a booking issue, or company issue, and VERY few have made a name in TNA then switched over, whereas the other way it has happen. It's TNA's loss because this guy was a solid worker, mic, and had brains, but they weren't willing to accommodate a better schedule, which WWE noticed something and made it happen. Obviously TNA dropped the ball, workers who can go, who are smart, and can be a mic don't come around very often.

      • The Boss says:

        By that logic the labels should be seen as the other way around. TNA would be getting a “major league” player and WWE just gets a second rate “minor league” player.

        • Grandiose7 says:

          And in most cases that's exactly how it is. And that minor league player is now in the big league and gets the right development. I liked him in TNA, and thought he'd have a great future in the X division, was shocked when they let him go. Idk why people downed me, it's like you can't criticize tna for their flaws on here or something, I thought we were all wrestling fans..

  5. Sturk says:

    I'm not brain washed by WWE or TNA. I happen to favor TNA programming majority of the time though. But I watch WWE and ROH and TNA. I also watched WCW, GWF, WOW and all the other companies since I was a child. I dont try to bash or favor one company just because of some weird jealousy or bias. I like wrestling and I hope they all do great. Wrestlers come and go no diff than sports.

  6. Euphoria says:

    Who cares about a TNA reject. He always sucked

    • The Amazing Crimson Spider says:

      You must be smoking whatever RVD smokes if you said that with a straight face. He was great in-ring, had decent Mic skills, way over with the crowd, mad charismatic and his CreeDT was amazing to watch on replays. When they paired him and Jay Lethal up, That was one the best tag teams TNA had. I wish he got a legitimate singles push, but thems the breaks. I did think he did too much dancing though.

  7. tna24 says:

    it good to see wwe high on him since the past few former tna wrestlers didnt work out so well. it sucks he not in tna, but heck with hogan and co he might of been cut anyways.

  8. hangers says:

    I liked creeds promo in TNA..

  9. ViceyThaShizzle says:

    The only image I have of him is projectile vomiting after taking a hurricanrana driver from Amazing Red. Good times, good times.

  10. stockshark2 says:

    Dude's a dime a dozen nothing special! TNA lost nothing in him. He wont make it in WWE either boring boring boring!!

  11. Real Deal Heel says:

    Xavier Woods?

    Ok..who? I mean hey I've watched WWF/WCW/WWE/TNA etc…but hey enough is enough….

    Ex TNA star? Then anytime says WWE it's ex-Superstar…

    How is EVERY NOBODY associated with WWE or TNA a Superstar or Star?

    I never heard of this dude!!!

    Who…what??? Is this that bi black dude from 2 years ago? I don't think so…but hell if that guy was a star or this guy. Stop the labels…most are average or suck…

    May as well hand out out gold medals for 8th place for kids…oh wait..they do. Sad ass society nowadays..but even worse for wrestling websites looking for hits and meta-advertising…too bad my pop up blockers and no-scripts are blocking this shit.

    Back to subject….WHO????

    • Grandiose7 says:

      How don't you remember this guy?! He was a joke ring announcer for Jay Lethal, then Lethals tag partner, and then as lethal was leaving Consequences creed/woods was coming into the light. He was a great worker who tna dropped the ball on because they couldn't find a way to accommodate his schooling and work schedule so he went to WWE who would.

  12. The Amazing Crimson Spider says:

    @Real Deal Heel

    He’s a former two time TNA Tag Team Champ that you’re too ignorant to look up. That’s who he is.


    You obviously been looking at nothing but WWE and never seen a match of his. If it’s true ignorance is bliss, you two have to be the happiest guys on Planet Earth. The guy has wins over former and future TNA world champs, but I guess things like that don’t matter to a couple of guys like you.

    And you guys are supposed to be TNA fans?

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