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Why GFW & Hardys Are At Odds Over ‘Broken’ Gimmick

Why GFW & Hardys Are At Odds Over ‘Broken’ Gimmick

Partial Source: Pwinsider

UPDATE x 2: The GFW vs. The Hardy Boys war over the Broken Universe gimmick flared up again today, and it appears that Reby “Sky” Hardy’s words (see below) may be accurate. According to sources, a deal was agreed to between the Hardys and GFW’s parent company Anthem Media that would delegate the rights to the Hardys, but that Anthem has yet to sign off.

During his media call on Wednesday, Jeff Jarrett said that GFW still had the rights to the gimmick and nothing had changed in regard to that, which caused Rebecca “Reby Sky” Hardy to lay into Jarrett and GFW on Twitter. She claimed that there was an agreement in place last week and according to several sources, all sides agreed to a deal in principle which would have seen them release a statement wishing each other well and agreeing to no longer comment publicly about each other. The Hardys would have gained the ability to use the gimmick, with Anthem possibly getting monetary compensation. Billy Corgan was said to have helped mediate the deal, and WWE was not involved in it.

The deal was drafted by the Hardys’ lawyers and sent to Ed Nordholm of Anthem Media (and president of GFW) to sign off on. Matt Hardy had commented on Twitter, claiming that a resolution was close. But as of now, several weeks have passed without any response from Nordholm.

According to sources, if Nordholm doesn’t sign off on the contract then the only recourse by the Hardy’s will be a lawsuit. One source claims that decisions made during Dixie Carter’s ownership of iMPACT! are likely to be technically considered contract breaches, which would give the Hardys a point of attack in a lawsuit.

UPDATE: Matt Hardy’s wife Reby “Sky” Hardy took to Twitter to share her side of the story, claiming that the two sides agreed to terms last week…

ORIGINAL: During Jeff Jarrett’s conference call with the media on Wednesday, Jarrett was asked if the Hardys have gotten the intellectual property rights to use the “Broken” gimmick in WWE. Jarrett said that they have not gotten the rights from Global Force Wrestling as of this writing.

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