Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Sep 26, 2013
Will Jim Ross Sign With TNA?, + Other Q&A News & Notes

Will Jim Ross Sign With TNA?, + Other Q&A News & Notes

The following are highlights from some new Jim Ross Q&A on his official website:

On if he has interest in joining TNA: “No interest whatsoever at this time. Moving on to other things.”

On if wrestlers should be fined for giving/receiving chair-shots to the head: “Yes they must be protected from themselves. Chair shots to the head are ignorant.”

On if he has a legends contract with WWE now: “Why is this matter relevant or any of your business? No offense…”

On if Hulk Hogan could end up back in WWE once his TNA contract expires: “Don’t know….don’t care as it a non issue to me. Some day Hogan making a WWE appearance won’t surprise me.”

Check out more JR Q&A on his official website,

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9 Responses to “Will Jim Ross Sign With TNA?, + Other Q&A News & Notes”

  1. Dennis D says:

    Jim Ross sounded like a dick in this interview… was he having a bad day or something?

    • TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

      Yeah he did.
      Probably getting asked the same questions over and over again now that he has nothing better to do but answer questions really.

  2. jbcissom says:

    Sounds like someone pissed in JR's BBQ sauce.

  3. Steven kelly says:

    Yeah sori bowt that i was busting lol

  4. tna24 says:

    why would we need jim ross anyways, just because he a big name doesnt mean he would help, if we need anyone we need don west back and have him take taz spot

  5. DigestivBiscuit says:

    Why would TNA signs Jim Ross for? So that they will waste money on a big name that won't bring anything in the company? I HOPE HULK HOGAN LEAVE TNA

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