Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Aug 26, 2014
WWE Airs Jeff Hardy Video On This Week’s RAW Broadcast

WWE Airs Jeff Hardy Video On This Week’s RAW Broadcast

Jeff Hardy: My Life, My Rules debuts this Wednesday on the WWE Network. Below is a video preview.

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11 Responses to “WWE Airs Jeff Hardy Video On This Week’s RAW Broadcast”

  1. tna24 says:

    are there rules that they cant show this? i just thought maybe it a sign he coming back to wwe.wwe could use a guy like jeff since the title picture kind of boring. love jeff in tna but he always will be a wwe guy first

    • Mr. Excitement says:

      If they own the footage, they're allowed to broadcast it no matter if he's under contract to another company.

      • tna24 says:

        that what i thought and plus it not like it a new video it a video they made before he left for tna the second time. this site likes to make something out of nothing. wwe can do what ever it wants just like tna can do whatever it wants lets not make a big deal out of everything that happens.

    • Tomohiro Ishii #1fan says:

      to me Hardy is his own brand i have never saw him as a wwe or TNA star,and i'm not an Hardy mark

  2. DJBIGCG says:

    Damn. It looks like vkm do whatever the heck he wants to do. Anybody in tna, roh, or any other wrestling promotion who has worked for him, he can make a video about if he wants

  3. iamanadult says:

    I think wwe could possibly have a lot of tna talent in their hands soon. They won't want to buy tna but possibly start another new show similar to tna / nxt with the extra available talent.. Who knows.. But wwe values jeff hardy is what that says

    • tna24 says:

      i doubt wwe will make another show since they been cutting talent well the unused talent that is. plus why would they need another show they already have 5 shows.

      • Dependant says:

        yeah highly doubt another show but they probably would pick up talent that is beneficial to them jeff is definitely one of those people.

  4. JoeWrestling says:

    They are just desperate to get people to order this network. Unfortunately people won't pay because they get so much new wrestling for free, all the PPV matches are rematched on RAW eventually.. and there are so many other TV shows and movies it's hard to get someone to pay to watch reruns of wrestling when you can already get plenty on YouTube or online. Plus, even the most ardent wrestling fan should realize if you don't pay they will ultimately have to just give it to you for free. So why are they paying? WWE has 5 hours of programming with RAW and Smackdown to fill. Even if no people order the PPV or Network they will have to put their best matches on those two shows for free. If anything you should pay for TNA product and they will stay in business, you will get more out of wrestling than if you send all your dollars to WWE and then TNA folds. WWE will then take your money and give you worse product, because they know you will pay no matter what they provide. On WWE, two or more people are always working the exact same story or writing. You could cancel half the programming on there and you'd get just as much. So bascially, people are buying a network for wrestling fanatics and the product they give you is targeted to women, children, and non-fans, because they know the fanatics will watch no matter what, so they target new audience of casual viewers with their SNL skits, and their Dustbusters, SNL TV Funhouse Ambiguously Duo, they have Miz acting like Tom Cruise, they have Paige and AJ working some PG version of a lesbn angle. It's just nonsense.

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