Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 30, 2013
WWE Copies A Recent TNA Storyline – Details Inside

WWE Copies A Recent TNA Storyline – Details Inside

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

As seen Sunday night at Survivor Series, Mark Henry returned to action by answering Ryback’s open challenge, and defeating him. According to sources, the short-lived storyline was copied from TNA Wrestling. On iMPACT! Wrestling on Spike TV, former WWE Diva and reigning TNA Women’s Champion Gail Kim has been issuing open challenges, which inspired WWE’s creative department to utilize the idea for themselves.

For what it’s worth, this is nothing new. WWE and TNA have used each others ideas for years now.

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24 Responses to “WWE Copies A Recent TNA Storyline – Details Inside”

  1. Peckar says:

    An open challenge is not new in wrestling full stop.

  2. tna24 says:

    if it nothing new than why bring it up?

  3. XcluZive says:

    Stole story line? How about Dixie Carter doing a piss poor job and being the boss from Hell which was stolen from Vince, and as of late HHH and Steph smh.. I been a fan of TNA since the very start, but they have to do better. They messed up by making the company look big when they really not. If they would of stayed true to themselves like the original ECW did maybe if they got more money by keeping it real with the fans maybe they would be able to go to bigger arenas and sell out. I am no TNA hater. I have spent a lot of money on TNA but im sick and tired of the same bs!

  4. hangers says:

    Yeah, that's really new, the whole open challenge thing was never done before TNA now was it… I remember The Ultimate Warrior winning the IC title off the HTM via an open challenge, Andy Kaufmann kept his inter-gender championship by beating women in open challenges and the list goes on..

  5. JoeWrestling says:

    Stop pretending you don't know what copying is. If you see someone one day, then the next decide to do it specifically because of seeing that, then that's copying. Of course they didn't invent it, is that what it said? No one said you can't copy anyway, so relax.

  6. Dartvada says:

    I like this report on the fact that wwe fanboys always cry how tna copies their preciously dumb company the wwe

  7. Dartvada says:

    I mean if some new TNA wrestler wears red trunks he is a rip off of a wwe guy wearing red trucks

  8. simonfancypants says:

    Okay, so when TNA had the Team Roode vs. Team Angle on Thanksgiving everyone complained that TNA copied WWE's survivor series. Now, when WWE has an "Open Challenge" so close to TNA's "Open Challenge" people say WWE isn't copying TNA. It's like they can't win no matter what they do to some of you.

    • Dependant says:

      It's at the point where so many storyline ideas have been done already its not really considered copying at this point.

  9. iamanadult says:

    Rybacks ripping off bully / hulks gimmicks too. hes a massive copy cat lol

  10. brahbrah69 says:

    So gail kim and lady D tapa isnt a rip off of AJ and Snuka huh?? Stupid post ….

    • Dependant says:

      Ikr because they had it way before Gail and tapa.

    • matthewtruman says:

      So AJ and Snuka isn’t a rip off the Gail Kim and Awesome Kong huh? Which you’ll find was done a while before AJ and Snuka, so before calling the post stupid why don’t you do some research before you look stupid.

  11. dexterbateman says:

    Is anyone else sick of, all the TNA ripping off WWE and vice versa, that goes on between wrestling fans. Truth is everything has been done. Next people will be saying TNA is ripping off WWE because they are a wrestling company.

  12. Mr. Excitement says:

    This site has nothing to report so they decided to post something completely pointless.

  13. JoshuaTNA says:

    The funny thing if this article was the other way around, WWE fanboys would have been tearing TNA apart.

  14. Dartvada says:

    Indeed. The thing is like I posted idiot WWE fans always complsin sbout TNA copying. Like when wrestlers use moves. But do they notice who Jack Swaggar is ripping off? No because they are hypocrites who see one way. Wrestling emulates itself in small ways. But to be honest the whole Ryback bully thing is blatant.the whole AJ Lee crap is also blatant as well as this and the moronic wwe sheep who always say tna copies wwe fail to accept the fact it happens. Tna is not perfect. But damn these hypocrite wwe sheep act like all TNA does is vopy. When WWE is not perfect. Wwe sherp need to stfu.

  15. Dartvada says:


  16. tnadude says:

    Who cares if one copies the other? Let's face it – we tune in to be entertained. If we are, the promotion has done its job.

    Period. End of story. Nothing else matters.

  17. Dartvada says:

    It should be a mute point

  18. jasonb78 says:

    WWE is always copying TNA. This is nothing new

  19. jasonb78 says:

    Then claim they don’t watch it lol apparently Wwe writters watch impact weekly

  20. purpleurkel says:

    Sin Cara stole the swanton

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