Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 16, 2012
WWE Copies TNA Update + Weekend TNA Live Events

WWE Copies TNA Update + Weekend TNA Live Events

— As noted earlier here on the website, WWE allegedly copied TNA in the narrated video packages on RAW. A WWE employee reportedly showed Vince McMahon one of the segments from iMPACT! and Vince said, “WWE could do it better.” Eric Bischoff commented about it on Twitter, posting: Saw #WWE using your backstage camera angles along with the voiceover in the opening video. #EricWins.

— TNA will begin a three day house show tour starting tonight in Johnson City, Tennessee. Here is the schedule.

* House show in Johnson City, Tennessee tonight, November 15.
* House show in Knoxville, Tennessee on Friday, November 16.
* House show in Spartanburg, South Carolina on Saturday, November 17.

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18 Responses to “WWE Copies TNA Update + Weekend TNA Live Events”

  1. stingerfan says:

    the wwe is not better then tna impact ..tna has better wrestlers and a better show on a weekly basis and the company keeps getting better yearly you never no whats gonna happen in tna and the wwe tries to steal from the show cause they are coming up quick

    • Mr. Excitement says:

      The difference between the two right now is TNA is being innovative and putting effort in trying to make their product good. WWE on the other hand, is being lazy and needs to make many changes.

    • ricky_No1 says:

      If its getting better yearly, then why are the ratings the same as they was 5 years ago? and steal from the show? Take ya fanboy goggles off my man

      • Sturk says:

        huh?? wrestling ratings & attendance are down all across the board. Wrestlings ratings bubble bursted along time ago bro. TNA has gotten better & just because ratings arent showing doesnt mean it hasnt. It's clear that it has & everyone who watches the product from week to week says so. I watch both WWE Raw and Impact Wrestling every single week and TNA destroys WWE literally every single week.

        • ricky_No1 says:

          Just because you think TNA is better dont make it so. Thats just your opinion and more people say its no better than it was, not improving

  2. Get_Carter says:

    How is that an update? Nothing new posted about the 'copying' issue. Am I missing something?

  3. Treck says:

    I wish the majority of so called wrestling fans would get their head out of wwe’s ass and watch a much better product,TNA

    • genetic_mistake says:

      I think wrestling fans do watch TNA and ROH. Sports Entertainment fans blindly stick to WWE as the only "wrestling" show they watch.

  4. SageStinger says:

    I just read that WWE did a heart attack angle on Raw when Jerry returned. That's fuckin terrible. The man almost died on live TV and they decide to make an angle out of it. Sad sad WWE…

  5. DJBIGCG says:

    I think wwe can be better but they have no comp. When wcw started kicking wwf but, wwf steped in up. TNA isn't comp. If wwe raw got a 2.9 or 3.0 and tna a 2.0 or something then wwe would be like uh o. But right now no challenge and thats probably why wwe isn't doing anything. They have no comp

  6. hangers says:

    Great update..

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