Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jan 17, 2013
WWE Copies Yet Another TNA Idea At Their House Shows

WWE Copies Yet Another TNA Idea At Their House Shows

Ticketmaster is now advertising two different WWE VIP Experience packages for live events. They include premium ringside or lower bowl seats, backstage meet & greet with WWE Superstars, a photo with WWE Championship Title, WWE merchandise and more.

Here are the full details on the two packages being sold. Here are the full details on the two packages being sold:

WWE Superstar VIP Experience Package:

* 1 Premium Ringside Seat
* 1 Meet & Greet and Autograph Opportunity with WWE Superstars**
* 1 Photo with WWE Championship Title
* 1 Exclusive Limited Edition WWE Event Chair
* 1 Exclusive WWE Snap Back Cap
* 1 Limited Edition Event Poster
* 1 Commemorative VIP Ticket Holder
* Venue Parking (where applicable)
* Crowd Free Merch Shopping Area
* On-site VIP Concierge

WWE Enhanced VIP Package

* 1 Premium Center Ring Lower Bowl Seat
* 1 Exclusive WWE Snap Back Cap
* 1 Limited Edition Event Poster
* 1 Commemorative VIP Ticket Holder
* Venue Parking (where applicable)
* Crowd Free Merch Shopping Area
* On-site VIP Concierge

Sound familiar?

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29 Responses to “WWE Copies Yet Another TNA Idea At Their House Shows”

  1. The Nard Dog says:

    TNA Trendsetting since 2002

  2. pepsilover2008 says:

    Is anyone surprised? but tbh from what i've heard about how some of the wrestlers are towards fans, i don't know if i'd wanna pay to go see some of their "superstars"

  3. UCEAD11 says:

    You are right about that, some of those guys are really arrogant.

  4. Philly_Cheese says:

    Nice how WWE does stuff like this and all the WWE fanboys say oh it's ok. The second TNA picks up one of WWE's old wrestlers everyone rags on them. Guess all the former WWE wrestlers are supposed to run around the indy circuit for the rest of their careers…

    • Whatever says:

      The only people that rag on former wwe wrestlers that join tna are the tna fan boys. It’s people like you that say tna is wasting their money on them when they could be signing some younger talent from in Indy circuit. Oh and isn’t it the tna fan boys that get so excited when names like hogan rvd tommy dreamer and so on and so on sign with tna and then a month later can’t stand them being in the company and rag on them and wish they would leave.

  5. Stunner says:

    If TNA would pick up Morrison or Orton I wouldn’t even think about the WWE. Oops I forgot Shelton Benjamin, you talking about WWE dropping the ball look no further. I just don’t understand WWE creative missed on both Morison and Benjamin, both were great wrestlers and yet the WWE couldn’t keep them around .

  6. Bigmike885 says:

    and once again..the WWE did this kind of stuff in the late 80s early 90s..stopped in the mid to late 90s, and now are back at it, has TNA been doing this for a long while? Sure, did WWE probobly say "hey thats a good idea"..sure. but to say they stole it is a little far fetched.

    • DJBIGCG says:

      I agree with you bigmike

    • JoeWrestling says:

      so again, you agree they copied it from looking at TNA. Nothing unusual or wrong with copying something. People just usually think it's disingenuous when WWE acts like TNA doesn't exists when you know WWE has hired people and told them their job is to watch TNA and document everything they do. Of course they are going to copy it, because whether the idea is good or bad, it prevents TNA from the possibility of getting a niche, and large companies are bad at coming up with ideas since they hire a lot of people who aren't passionate or qualified to work with the product.

    • TROOF says:

      WWE used to do meet and greets along with backstage fan access at their house shows in the old days? Is this a fact that you know for sure? Or are you pulling this from your ass to defend WWE like you always do?

      • Bigmike885 says:

        Like I always do? Could I get so e details please? They did this back in the day and seeing as I was part of it two times when I was a child (back in the 80s ) I'm pretty sure it happened. It might not be in the same form but it did happenSent from my iPhone

  7. JeromeTurner10 says:

    Mike, you from Cle.?

  8. JoeWrestling says:

    I would say they are copying TNA general idea, although TNA's idea is fan interaction and will give you that for about $20-$50. WWE's idea is to charge suckers probably $400 for it. I've seen WWE Smackdown house show tickets on sale from Ticketmaster "platinum" section for like $600. Talk about gouging. I've been to a Smackdown house show where the biggest star pre-intermission was Chavo (rest were losers and NXT rookies). The second half was just as bad, since it was during the 4 way match PPV, and all the "Main Event"ers were in one match and they were all barely going through the motions.

    • Mr. Excitement says:

      WWE was doing fan interaction on Wrestlemania weekends before NWA-TNA even existed. I attended one and the experience was pretty good.

      • TROOF says:

        Yeah but was WWE doing frequent fan interaction. backstage access, along with meet and greets at their house shows on a regular basis before TNA? That is the question here.

    • purpleurkel says:

      last week at the TNA show the meet and greet was FREE

    • Bigmike885 says:

      its called supply and demand. WWE can sell their tickets higher becasue the WWE name is the seller. (by the way ive never seen a house show for 600 dollars..ever..ever) If TNA charged more money for their shows nooone would go..If more people didnt go to WWE shows they wouldnt be able to charge the and demand man.

  9. Pippin0490 says:

    So what if WWE is "copying" TNA? Bigmike makes a good point about WWE having done stuff like this long before TNA existed.

    What bothers me is when TNA "copies" WWE and the WWE fanboys attack TNA and it's fans for it continually.

  10. hangers says:

    Yea but WWE will sell out wheras TNA are lucky to get close to triple figures..

    Plenty of other shows Ive been to, including WWE had meet and greets for the fans who were willing to pay..

    I do think the TNA shows are far more entertaining though..

  11. tnadude says:

    Seriously, who cares? As long as people equate going to a wrestling show with having a good time for a decent price, it's good for everyone.

    And folks – if people are willing to pay WWE's prices – then yep – it's a decent price.

  12. soyfenomenal says:

    tickets are probably 150-200, maybe more lol

  13. Cam says:

    TNA trendsetting since 2002? Someone obviously did not watch during the Asylum days. If you were watching back then the only trendsetting think you can kind of say they did was the X-Division which was a spin off of the WCW Cruiserweight Division. Most of the stuff they did was stuff that WCW did, ECW did and what WWE did a couple months before. And TNA was not doing this idea first, ROH did it first as well as other indie companies, so lets not act like this was an original idea, second you cannot talk about WWE copying TNA when Boot Camp is a spin off of Tough Enough. Stop being idiotic marks who just bash WWE because you feel that’s the coolest thing to do now

  14. UCEAD11 says:

    WWE is just predictable. Its gotten boring and stale. I say this because the wrestlers are just not interesting anymore. Mr Ziggles, promo horrible trying to be Mr Perfect. Randy Orton is starting to slow down because he is "just going to work". Close ups you can tell just how disenchanted he really is. He's a mid carder now because of that very fact. Kane should be psychotic. He's a side show with one of Indy's greatest wrestlers. Big Slow….boring at best….cant wrestle. Kofi Kingstone used entirely wrong. He should be portrayed as tougher than he is. WWE wants a jumping bean instead.Santino Morello character is just stupid. He should be more along the lines of a Dean Melinco . The Rock ….now …looks out of place because his generation is no longer in the ring. John Cena couldnt wrestle his way out of a paper bag. Boring. When I watch WWE and I do, I am looking for two people. One will surprise you the other wont. I watch for randy orton. The surprise is Drew McIntyre. If he were in another promotion he would be a greater character. If anything, the should have made drew the intellectual not mr pink panties along with blunder boy Rhodes. Rhodes dont even strike me as a wrestler. The rest of them are just there. this is my take.

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