Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 22, 2012
WWE Ranks The Top 50 WCW Wrestlers Of All-Time (TNA Stars)

WWE Ranks The Top 50 WCW Wrestlers Of All-Time (TNA Stars) has released a list counting down the top 50 WCW wrestlers of all-time. Eligibility begins with Ted Turner’s purchase of World Championship Wrestling in 1988—anything from Jim Crockett Promotions and NWA predating this is ineligible. Those eligible were rated only on their accomplishments while in WCW, as well as everything from longevity to cultural impact.

1. Sting
2. Ric Flair
3. “Hollywood” Hogan
4. Goldberg
5. Kevin Nash
6. Diamond Dallas Page
7. Lex Luger
8. Booker T
9. “Macho Man” Randy Savage
10. Scott Steiner
11. Big Van Vader
12. Scott Hall
13. Dean Malenko
14. “Psycho” Sid Vicious
15. “Stunning” Steve Austin
16. Ron Simmons
17. Arn Anderson
18. Eddie Guerrero
19. The Giant
20. Brian Pillman
21. Rick Steiner
22. Rey Mysterio
23. Barry Windham
24. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
25. Eric Bischoff
26. Rick Rude
27. Chris Jericho
28. Buff Bagwell
29. Billy Kidman
30. Raven
31. The Great Muta
32. Lance Storm
33. Terry Funk
34. Konnan
35. Lord Steven Regal
36. Ultimo Dragon
37. Cactus Jack
38. Michael “P.S.” Hayes
39. Curt Hennig
40. Kevin Sullivan
41. Bret “Hit Man” Hart
42. Dustin Rhodes
43. Saturn
44. Bobby Eaton
45. Kanyon
46. Larry Zbyszko
47. Meng
48. Dennis Rodman
49. Juventud Guerrera
50. Jeff Jarrett

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