Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 22, 2012
WWE Ranks The Top 50 WCW Wrestlers Of All-Time (TNA Stars)

WWE Ranks The Top 50 WCW Wrestlers Of All-Time (TNA Stars) has released a list counting down the top 50 WCW wrestlers of all-time. Eligibility begins with Ted Turner’s purchase of World Championship Wrestling in 1988—anything from Jim Crockett Promotions and NWA predating this is ineligible. Those eligible were rated only on their accomplishments while in WCW, as well as everything from longevity to cultural impact.

1. Sting
2. Ric Flair
3. “Hollywood” Hogan
4. Goldberg
5. Kevin Nash
6. Diamond Dallas Page
7. Lex Luger
8. Booker T
9. “Macho Man” Randy Savage
10. Scott Steiner
11. Big Van Vader
12. Scott Hall
13. Dean Malenko
14. “Psycho” Sid Vicious
15. “Stunning” Steve Austin
16. Ron Simmons
17. Arn Anderson
18. Eddie Guerrero
19. The Giant
20. Brian Pillman
21. Rick Steiner
22. Rey Mysterio
23. Barry Windham
24. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
25. Eric Bischoff
26. Rick Rude
27. Chris Jericho
28. Buff Bagwell
29. Billy Kidman
30. Raven
31. The Great Muta
32. Lance Storm
33. Terry Funk
34. Konnan
35. Lord Steven Regal
36. Ultimo Dragon
37. Cactus Jack
38. Michael “P.S.” Hayes
39. Curt Hennig
40. Kevin Sullivan
41. Bret “Hit Man” Hart
42. Dustin Rhodes
43. Saturn
44. Bobby Eaton
45. Kanyon
46. Larry Zbyszko
47. Meng
48. Dennis Rodman
49. Juventud Guerrera
50. Jeff Jarrett

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49 Responses to “WWE Ranks The Top 50 WCW Wrestlers Of All-Time (TNA Stars)”

  1. nobalkain says:

    Glad to see Sting on their let alone #1. Now if they will just release a Sting DVD.

  2. Cowser says:

    There are so many things wrong with this list I would not even know where to start. You could write a book on it. I will only mention 3 things.

    1. Dennis Rodman should be at # 1,535 right ahead of David Arquette, Jay Leno and Vince Russo.
    2. Bobby Eaton should be up @ # 10 (he did everything from tag to TV titles to putting people over)
    3. Hart, Austin and Vicious should be no where near the top 30. A couple of tag titles do not rate you as one of the greatest WCW stars of all time (this was exclusive of what they did before/after).

    How about: 1. Sting 2. Flair (not inc his NWA time) 3. Hogan (hate to admit it), 4. Arn Anderson (even beat Hogan once), 5. Kevin Nash, 6. Scott Steiner, 7. Booker T, 8. Vader (dominated for a while), 9. Ron Simmons and 10. Bobby Eaton…This is just quickly off the top of my head.

  3. Dante_Cross says:

    When I saw DDP below Kevin Nash I stopped reading. DDP was terribly over and carried WCW in it's waning years. And Jeff Jarrett became a key asset to WCW as well during this time, he should be at least halfway up.

    • Cowser says:

      Nash had an overall bigger impact on WCW than DDP. DDP was a boring manager, who became a boring wreslter but then did the unlikely, he became a middle aged guy that somehow took hold and slowly built up to a great finish for his career…I agree though, this was largely WCWs waining years. He did not have the overall impact that Nash did (nor was he as big of a douche and booked himself over everyeone else either). I will say this, seeing Emmit Smith do the Diamond cutter symbol after scoring a touchdown was pretty damn cool.

    • rawuncutnxrated says:

      Jeff Jarrett's own father didn't consider ole Slap Nuts a real wrestler. He was a Flair knockoff w/ some Honky Tonk Man sprinkled in. Rodman brought in a lot more money by teaming w/ Hogan & going against DDP & Malone than JJ ever did at WCW.

  4. rtype6 (aka dsd7x) says:

    I agree with the top 10. I was expecting Sting to be far below because he's with the competition (TNA) but good for them to list the biggest WCW (current TNA) star as #1.

  5. ANB says:

    Hey j e double f j a double r e double t actually made the list!

  6. korrander says:

    I usually hate when the WWE ranks wrestlers, but I actually respect this list (with the exception of Rodman). Lots of my favorites on there. Saturn, Storm, and Jericho were at their peak in WCW (go ahead and argue it). Digging the Vader and Raven love. Muta and Sting matches were, and still are my favorite matches to watch. Too bad WWE disowned Benoit; he'd be in my top 10, easily.

    But my question is…Where the hell is Vampiro???

    • Bigmike885 says:

      maybe hes not on there cause he blows?..but i'd give you replacing Rodman with Vampiro

    • Cowser says:

      Vampiro was a terrible wrestler, he should not be on any list of the best WCW wrestlers, he was not even really there all that long. WCW could not have dropped the ball much more with Jehrico, how they did not recognize his charisma is beyond me. Not only was he awesome in the ring at the time, he was absolutly awesome on the mike. He was hysterical.

      • rawuncutnxrated says:

        WCW? You mean Hogan & Nash.. those two bumbled Jericho terribly. And for all the hate & vitriol Vince gets, you see he was the one who took those cruiserweights *Eddie, Chris, Rey, Benoit* and made them all World Champs & allowed them to show their true charisma which got them over HUGE.

        WCW/TNA/Hogan/Bischoff/Dixie are making the same mistakes.

  7. tnadude says:

    Hogan, Flair, Sting, Nash / Hall, Savage, DDP, Goldberg.

    The list (as always) is rubbish. WCW only took off because of the NWO. Give Hogan and Hall a little more respect. Props to the faces that helped put them over.

    Lance Storm somehow beats out Jarrett??? WTF? Oh, right. Vince doesn't like Jeff. Kidman over Raven? I like Kidman, but that's like taking Arn Anderson over Ric Flair. It's BS.

    • SageStinger says:

      Lance Storm is a million times better than JJ. And imo, Arn Anderson is JUST as good as flair was.

      • Cowser says:

        Flair has no equal, but Arn was pretty f'n awesome. He was great on the mike and in the ring. He never really seems to get the credit he deserves.

        • SageStinger says:

          I agree. Also, why isn't dean malenko in the top 10? He should be in the top 5 imo. Instead we have Booker T and Kevin Nash? Seriously? Booker T is ok I guess, but Nash wasn't that great.

          • Cowser says:

            I loved watching Melenko wrestle, but he was no where near top 10. Great mat guy, but really boring personality. He had NO mike skills what so ever. Nash was never a great tactical wrestler, but you really cannot argue his impact on both WCW and the industry. His and Hall's jump was THE biggest event in WCW history. It went big time and mainstream after that. Even though I am not a huge fan of his, I cannot argue his affect on WCW. It was awesome at the time, absolute must watch and you HAD to watch it live. It was competing with football. No one else has done that. Also, Booker T was great at the time. Harlem Heat had 7-8 tag titles and his best of 7 with Benoit was off the charts. He even won the final title from Steiner. He was really good for most of the decade.

          • SageStinger says:

            Alright, alright. Very valid points my friend. But honestly, I think in addition to Hall&Nash showing up, you have to include Hogan turning heel at Bash At the Beach. I went fucking crazy when that happened! Wow, all this WCW talk is kind of making me sad. I really really miss that company a lot. I just watched the Hogan/Sting Starrcade promo. My god, how amazing was that stuff?!

          • Cowser says:

            You are right about that. I did not watch any wrestling for years after they went under. It is like rooting for the Red Sox only to have the Yankees buy them out. WWF even f'd up the whole invasion thing, that could have been awesome. They should have made WCW Nitro as their 2nd brand. The Hogan turn was awesome. Very well done and he was so done as face that it was brilliant. He instantly went from super boring/predictable to completly WTF. Maybe I will go and dig out some old PPVs tonight. It was even better then w/out the internet, because you were truly suprised from week to week. I do not think what happened then can ever really be replicated.

          • SageStinger says:

            Haha, I didn't watch anything for a long time too. Then I heard Sting was in TNa and I was like, ok i'll bite. been watching ever since. I also just started watching WWE again about a year ago. They definitely have their moments. But I still can't stand "sports entertainment" or "WWE Universe" I also can't stand Cena. The same thing that happened to Hogan is happening to him. He needs to change his character!! All in all, TNA definitely has a better show imo.

  8. mattcasdorph says:

    IMO Hogan should be 1 and Goldberg should be 2, those two were the biggest draws in WCW, any list by WWE brass IMO is not worth the sh!t I wipe of my @ss with, and tnadude is right Jeff Jarrett was bigger than Lance Storm.

    • Cowser says:

      Jeff Jarrett was not a better wrestler than Lance Storm, never was and never will be. He is better on the mike though, but given the issues he had with WWF, it is suprising they put him on the list at all.

      • mattcasdorph says:

        Once again people take what I say out of context, I didn't say Jarrett was better than Storm, I said he was a bigger draw, Storm at best was a mid-carder.

    • SageStinger says:

      Hogan #1? No way. When people thought of WCW, they thought of Sting! At least I did. I think Sting was the face of WCW and WWE made the right call for him to be #1. This could be a biased opinion though as Sting is my favorite of all time haha. And Cowser is correct, Jeff Jarrett couldn't touch Storm in the ring! Jarrett may have been "bigger" , but Storm was miles better.

      • mattcasdorph says:

        I'm not talking about who you thought was more popular, Hogan was number one because of the nWo angle. And I doubt Sting sold half the merchandise Hogan did in WCW.

    • rawuncutnxrated says:

      As much as I have ALWAYS hated Sting… He stuck it out the entire time.. he carried that company from pillar to post (to use a wrestling term)…

      The guy truly stuck through it all w/ WCW & went down w/ the sh*t… err ship. Anyway, much love to Vince for doing the right thing w/ the list. They even say that the list is biased.. and of course, there isn't always a way to measure the difference between 33 & 34, for instance. Its a pretty good list over all.

      Of course if it were my list, and this is just me.. Goldberg would be #1. Hell, I can't even do that to Sting & Flair. Hogan, maybe.. but not them 2. They Carried WCW from 88, Hogan doesn't arrive till 93 & Flair left in 91 & came back in 92. So, Sting has to be #1.

  9. godoftna says:

    I noticed one name who wasn't in the top 10, let alone on the list. Despite his tragic end, Chris Benoit was one of the best performers in WCW during his time with the company, as well as being among the select group of "Grand Slam" champions, meaning at one time or another he held the Tag Team, TV, US or (tho briefly) the World Title. He deserves to be recognized within the top 10, or at the least the top 15. As good as Dean Malenko was, both he and Ron Simmons should have been lower on this list.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      you. and everyone else who argues it, need to understand that WWE HAD to blank out Beniot. They took almost all the bad press for that event, and they shouldnt feel obligated to mention him. I liked the guy as a wrestler as much as anyone else, but they last thing they need is for someone who doesnt know who he is read his name, check him out and see what he did, the press just LOVES to rip on WWE and if they even mention him the press might just go off on them..

      • godoftna says:

        i understand y the wwe did it, and that what Benoit did was sick and deplorable, just stating a fact about the list.

    • Cowser says:

      I was one of the biggest Benoit marks going and he was a great worker, but what he did is inexcusible and whatever accompishments he had in the ring are made irrelevant by them. He deserves to be left off any list. Simmons was good both in Doom and as a singles wrestler. He became the first African American world champion and had a solid run for 3-4 years.

      • godoftna says:

        i agree with u about benoit and his actions. as for simmons… there's no arguing his place in history as the 1st african american world champion (in wcw's history). he was a tremendous talent as a member of doom, i just dont see his place as being that high on the list.

  10. piro4351 says:

    Sting was/ is the face of WCW..

    whenever i think of WCW, i think of sting, because not only was he the only guy to stick around through thick and thin, he was also responsible for the biggest draw (no one was nearly as over as Sting during those days) and arguably the biggest and universally respected Star the company has ever produced.

    • Bigmike885 says:

      thank you for saying this. he was the ONLY guy who didnt bolt for WWE when WCW was having problems before the NWO showed up. He stuck with them from beggining to end unlike almost everyone else…

  11. Kyle says:

    Goldberg should be a lot lower on the list, he was a horrible wrestler, and hurt plenty of people. This list is greatest wrestlers, not greatest draws of wcw.

    • godoftna says:

      actually, it's both. otherwise, would hogan really be listed so high on a list of "greatest wrestlers"?

  12. Kellz_Elite says:

    U gotta have my boy Vampiro, Glacier, Mike Awesome, Screaming Norman Smiley, & Tank Abbot on the list.
    D**n…The good ol' days

    • Cowser says:

      I hope you were sarcastic in this. They were all terrible. At least Norman Smiley was kind of comical and Awesome was huge. Overall this was a talentless group. They were the good ol days though.

      • Kellz_Elite says:

        Vampiro reminds me of a dark Jeff Hardy,,,Tank sucked but the storyline(1 hitter quitter) was cool, Norman(funny), Glacier(Cool Entrance like Sub-Zero{I was a MK Fan}). Mike Awesome(Awesome).
        you're right….but give me a break guy, I was young at the time.

      • korrander says:

        Talentless? Nah. Well, Glacier, maybe.

        But Vampiro wasn't a bad wrestler at all. He had a great Japanese and Mexican wrestling influence that worked well for him. His feud with Sting was fantastic. Mike Awesome was pretty terrible on the mic and he had an equally horrendous haircut, but the big man could move. Norman Smiley was an AMAZING technical wrestler; look beyond his hardcore days, even though they were his most memorable. And Tank wasn't a wrestler, but the dude had presence. Talent or not, he could knock your teeth down your throat just by staring at you.

        To be honest, these guys have no place on the top 50 list, but they are in no way talentless.

  13. sman22682 says:

    I fail to see how Kevin Nash's contributions outweigh those of DDP, Lex Luger, Macho Man, Booker T, Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, or Rey Mysterio. There is no way that Nash should be ranked higher then these guys.

  14. A_Double says:

    Buff Bagwell is no way better than Vincent

  15. rumpl4skin says:

    woow i am freakin shoked that WWE actually put together a top 50 list that makes sense and isnt butchered cause of favortism like the others are lol

  16. hangers says:

    Dennis Rodman and no Jushin Lieger??? Also, Bischoff shouldn't be there and Steve Austin is too high…

    • korrander says:

      I'm with ya dude. Remember the match between Benoit and Liger when Russo and Ferarra jumped ship? Was one of the best matches I've ever seen.

  17. rawuncutnxrated says:

    I was glad to see Arn Anderson, Rick Rude, and The Great Muta get some love.

    Not a lot of people remember the Rude/Sting feuds. Those were awesome. Sucks that's how Rude hurt his back which, over time lead to the pain pills & his ultimate demise.

    Rude coming out w/ Paul Heyman & Madusa was epic at Halloween Havoc. I might try to find that match tonight.

  18. rawuncutnxrated says:

    Funny thing…

    If they would have just put NWO at like say #5, over 3/4 of that list disappears. Maybe that should be "sadly"

    They killed the NWO by watering the f*ck down. Just one of the dumbest things ever.. just for cheap pops.

    One day someone gets their asskicked by them, the next Monday their in the black & white. Truly the stupidest concept ever. It was that very 1st time it happened that I turned off the tv.

  19. LegendShadowolf says:

    This list brings a tear to my eye…

    I miss WCW, what a fantastic roster. If Vince had swallowed his ego and kept the WCW brand name, there would be still WCW vs WWE now, instead of Smackdown vs Raw.

    In such a scenario there would be no TNA as we know it.

    Regards to the list, Rodman should be removed and JJ moved to the top 10

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