Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Apr 19, 2014
WWE’s Reaction To Eric Young’s TNA World Title Win

WWE’s Reaction To Eric Young’s TNA World Title Win

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

There are many people within WWE who are “incredibly amused” with the fact that TNA put their world championship on Eric Young, which is being seen as an obvious rip-off of WWE giving Daniel Bryan the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Nobody reportedly has an issue with Eric Young as a worker or a person, but WWE officials are now laughing at the booking of the entire angle and said it’s “ridiculous.”

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11 Responses to “WWE’s Reaction To Eric Young’s TNA World Title Win”

  1. piperfan says:

    The fact that wwe took sooo long in putting the title on DB is a joke in itself

  2. WWEsucksbigtime says:

    and we should care why, what the WWE thinks.

    • tna4life says:

      You got that right, why is it this site is suppose to be about TNA yet it seems to me that someone is pushing the other company agenda all the time. Things that make you hmmmmmm !

  3. hangers says:

    Who are these WWE officials? More likely one dirt sheet making up a story and the others all running with it, which is usually the case with these 'unconfirmed' reports..

    • TheFurnitureom says:

      yep, there is more harmony between workers of both organisations then the dirt sheets would have you think.

  4. UCEAD11 says:

    its those name droppers who be hanging on the nuts of the Worlds Worst Entertainment that start saying stupid things. And if WWE is not copying TNA why is it that Kane is putting back on the mask and fighting daniel bryan….hmmmm where did i see that play out….oh yeah ….Impact wrestling.

    • tna4life says:

      ROTFL your absolutely correct ! Imagine that the “other company” copying TNA product oh no that must be a mistake ! Lol !! You hit the nail on the hear !

  5. ian says:

    I think eric young is awesome. but they really could have had him win the title in a much better way.

  6. WWEsucksbigtime says:

    When I do watch the WWE, i do so cause i need a laugh. They are so predictable!

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