Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 7, 2013
WWE’s Reaction To TNA iMPACT! Going On The Road

WWE’s Reaction To TNA iMPACT! Going On The Road

WWE publicly states that TNA is not competition, but TNA’s recent announcement that they are taking iMPACT! Wrestling on the road has already resulted in action from WWE. Word is that WWE has started contacting a number of mid-sized arenas to put holds on them for future dates. They are doing this in order to keep TNA from running those venues.

Also, if TNA starts running live each and every week, there is talk of WWE changing their touring schedule and running shows on Thursday nights in similar markets that TNA runs.

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39 Responses to “WWE’s Reaction To TNA iMPACT! Going On The Road”

  1. tsoutheast says:

    This is a very petty move by the WWE

    • tnadude says:

      Actually, it's a smart business move. Vince remembers what happened 15 years ago with WCW and doesn't want it to happen again, so he's trying to squash it now. We'd all do the same thing.

      That said – it's a great sign for TNA, and an even BETTER sign for wrestling because it means that VKM agrees that there is room for a second company. If he didn't – he wouldn't worry about them.

      TNA just needs to keep the pressure on…

  2. Whatever says:

    Smart move by wwe to make sure tna knows where they stand in this industry. And for the record tna is not a compitition to wwe. When tna can pull in the numbers that wwe does and can compete with wwe head to head on Mondays like wcw did, then they can consider themselves compitition. But I think for now tna just needs to keep booking high school gymnasiums until they reach wwe’s level. So with that said all tna mark ass bitch fan boys can stick it. And one last thing, like I have stated numerous times I am not a fan of wwe or tna or roh. Wrestling is dead and has been since the collapse of wcw when real competition ended. I am a former wrestling fan who says the truth whether u like it or not.

  3. Tiffanydude says:

    Not Competition my ass, It's sad that WWE is lying to themselves and others, me personally i don't care about this "company rivalry" but it is funny to watch WWE's horrible attempts to be "good" lol

  4. soyfenomenal says:

    WWE executives are such little bitches.

  5. Reeltalk says:

    This only goes to show you how much of a threat TNA is becoming to the WWE or otherwise they wouldn’t have cared about it. They know that TNA has a huge following and they know because of the exposure that TNA will get from going on the road that can create some buzz for the company thus getting more and more people to recognize the brand. And it’s funny how the WWE often says that they don’t view TNA as competition but on that Monday when Hulk debuted for the TNA, they chose to bring in Bret Hart on that same day. Coincidence? LMAO…I think not

  6. Dante_Cross says:

    That is bitch shit right there..

  7. DJBIGCG says:

    Not to long ago, wwe pulled a 3.67 or 3.68 rating which is way above what tna pulls. So with that, they shouldn't mind tna doing any touring. If tna starts to get big and higher ratings, all that means vkm, is that you will have to have your creative work a little harder and maybe even let paul heyman be head creative and this will help wwe and tna put on better shows with them trying to out do each other

    • soyfenomenal says:

      Why does everyone want Heyman to control creative? He'd get rid of the all of the star power for rookies that don't draw. No sense.

      • Matt Hardy says:

        What star power? What draw? A lot of these guys might have been big draws for WWE or other promotions, but they are just not big draws for TNA. Jeff Hardy was a huge draw for WWE, the undoubted #2 star in WWE. Arguably even 1B, with Cena being 1A during the hottest part of Hardy's run, but he's not a big draw for TNA. Nobody is, nobody ever has been. This is the same nonsensical way of thought that has always held TNA back. Has perpetually plagued them from pulling the trigger until it was too late or pulling them back just as they are starting to get their legs under them, because they are afraid they wouldn't draw. Afraid that they need "big names" to grow the company". All the while back in the real world, the big names haven't done one thing to sell tickets or pop ratings for any extended period of time, if at all in the current context of TNA.

        The only place TNA draws well is in England, and that is because they are starved for wrestling, with no national company of their own, no viable indy scene and only a couple tours here and there to wet their appetite.

        • JoeWrestling says:

          TNA draws well in England because it's on free digital broadcast television and the PPVs are aired there for free. It's simple supply and demand. It's on cable here($) and PPV's are expensive ($$). It's that simple. Hogan, Flair, and Sting are draws because they have a high Q Score. It's that simple. You can only build someone as high as people watch. If 1 million people see something, it's less important that if 5 million people see it, or 20 million people. Just watch network TV and most those shows are horrible but they get massive viewers and support because of the large platform. Put a great show on a cable channel and few will watch. Has no bearing on how good it is, but does make a difference on public popularity.

      • JoeWrestling says:

        No, he would get rid of stars to destroy the company and eliminate anyone with power that could question him, but then ultimately go back to WWE and be rewarded for it.

    • Tiffanydude says:

      Just because WWE has higher ratings than TNA doesn't mean that those ratings are "good" go compare WWF's ratings with WWE's ratings you'll see a significant decline TNA's rating has been around 1.0-1.2 around that area and Heyman may have good ideas but he's power hungry and would want total control of the creative team like he wanted in TNA. Btw to stop something from becoming huge, you stomp it out while it's just developing not stopping it when it's getting huge that is a horrible idea, looks like WWE should've taken TNA out while it was just beginning. TNA will beat WWE as long they're still PG that's a fact.

      • Bigmike885 says:

        thats a fact huh?..a fact needs some kind of proof to make it a fact..FACT is while WWE's ratings are down, they still pull in tons of money with all their other ventures (minus films..and even those turn a profit more often than not) TNA has one stream of income and thats wrestling..and considering they never get over 1000-1500 in the seats..they're not making any money..

        • dcxboxx says:

          ad that they are building the wwe network. comcast will most likley have it on cable. and they seem to be working on it as a subscription part of youtube maybe, also netflix might get wwe network content as well. as they have been strenghening a relationship with netflix. i like some aspects of tna, some of wwe, not a fan of pg but tna is hardly tv14 or ma, they are borderline pg as they cater to kids . now if you want an alternative , then extreme rising is for you. com /watch?v=Cemaky5ARc0 only 5 events so far and they have out drawn tna live gates. and they dont even have tv yet. tnas biggest problem right now isnt the money loses as much, granted they prob are maybe making a tiny profit just due to international tv deals and what not. house shows are losing money for them. as they dont draw a dime. they have range from 200-500 fans and many of those get in free. the tv shows will be heavily papered (much like wcw towards the end giving tickets away) but that will have to be done at first in order to look good on tv and hopes when they return those fans will buy tickets next time to tv or house shows. its a huge risk for them, but they can't afford to stay in orlando any longer as its hurting the bottom line for them. same time they can't afford to fail at this as well.

          now comes the big problem. panda energy how long will it take til daddy tells dixie hes pulling the plug and she has to save tna on her own, sink or swim with them. sell it to wwe for the video library or go bankrupt and let wwe buy it for cheap.

          i hope tna can make it though

          • tna24 says:

            f that tna should never sell, dixie doing the right things. trust me, this isnt heyman were talking here. dixie not rushing things and she doing a fine job. yes there bumps in the road during the year. but i think tna around for a long time and wwe is scared, since they will do this low class stuff

          • Dennis D says:

            Yeah right. Worse comes to worse, Bischoff/Hervey Productions will purchase TNA. There’s no way Eric lets Vince sweep another company out from under his fingertips. Sure, Eazy E may not be as heavily involved in TNA as he was wCw. But Bischoff has multiple ties to TNA and would keep it on “life support” if only long enough to renegotiate a deal with Universal Orlando to return to the iMPACT Zone.

      • DJBIGCG says:

        Well look Tiffany when wwf was getting those real high ratings we didn't have DVDs and streams then. Not to mention I went to watch wwe raw on a stream x amount of time ago and it was like 500,000 plus people watching on stream. Now picture how much higher the wwe rating would have been if those people were watching on tv not stream

        • JoeWrestling says:

          That's pointless, all TV shows would have streams, so every show on TV could say that. Ratings are down because less people are interested, not because they are in hiding watching it under the radar.

          • DJBIGCG says:

            Well joe wrestling, a 3.68 wwe pulled might not be as high as what wwf used to pull. But I'll take a 3.68 over a 1.0 – 1.2 any day of the week

          • Tiffanydude says:

            Well I feel bad for you bro but that's your decision.

  8. Kosherdill1982 says:

    So the WWE is going "bully" TNA around by booking arenas to keep TNA from using them and run opposing shows in the same area. I guess the "Be A Star" campaign only is meant for kids and not adults. But i read this news reports with a grain of salt.

  9. Peckar says:

    Everyone needs to chill. Let it play out and see what happens. At the end of the day Dixie has made the right decision to get out of Universal, also to stay live. Can't control what WWE do.

    • tna24 says:

      yea you cant control them, but wwe also should look like ass whole and talk out of their ass. what they might do is kind of low class.

    • JoeWrestling says:

      Well I thought the Universe could control what WWE does if you install their app? I don't know, because I couldn't figure out how to install it. Maybe Booker T can show me. Anyway, I got two words for them, Billionaire Ted.

  10. tna24 says:

    i like wwe but f them, are they trying to ruin tna. my word that a **** move

  11. tna24 says:

    i smell a tna vs wwe ppv in the future lol. i wish. those moves just pisses me off. it show how low class wwe is

  12. TheFurnitureom says:

    It's not like WWE haven't done this already, Dixie's alluded to getting late phonecalls from confirmed leads and projects who have done a 180 thanks to someone from Stamford.

    I think any of us with a grain of intelligence didnt believe the 'TNA are not competition, we dont follow them' line, even it if it were true, it's poor business management to have no pulse on those making a similar product to you!

    Do what you want WWE, whilst you're rolling out the huge contracts and crazy paychecks (gaining no momentum), TNA will continue to get bigger, even if little by little.

    Keep your kids.

    PS thankgod Heyman isn't in TNA, after his recent switchback to WWE and the storylines he's involved in, he wouldnt know the meaning of improving TNA, we dont want WWE V2.

    He's just another fake good saviour idea these 'sophisticated fans' have, along with be like ROH, Chris Jericho = ratings blah blah

  13. RichRoss1989 says:

    Hmmmmmmm They Dont See Them As competition yet there going ropund booking the venues so TNA cant use them what a bunch of Dicks!!!

  14. JoeWrestling says:

    WWE can't have people seeing their new angles on TNA before they come up with the idea themselves. Noo.. must stop them from being seen. Can't wait to see more WCW vs ROH, and guys dressed as Auqaman and references to movies from the 1970's as cool. These comments from WWE are pointless, I believe they said UFC is not competition for them either.

  15. DigestivBiscuit says:

    TNA should find just one big arena and chill there for about 5 years and air the IMPACT live every week bt taking IMPACT on the road is very good idea, but with that evil VMK alive he will try anything to stop TNA, but as the TNAtion proclaims, this year 2013 is the year of TNA IMPACTWRESTLING.

  16. Treck says:

    I hate the world’s worst entertainment even more and Hay man once stated he would make TNA a fake mma company if he ran it. He is an idiot. He actually had McMahon give him money before he ran Ecw into the ground. Alot of today’s wrestling fans do not realize that. And might I add ECW had 0. Like 5 if they were lucky ratings on TNN if they were lucky. I did like ECW but I thought Herman was a brainwashing dick who took most of the money ecw made while many never got paid working their asses off for him.

  17. purpleurkel says:

    I stopped watching WWE because TNA is better

    That Vince, is the definition of competition.

  18. Herr_Odditus says:

    You don't get to say if something is competition or not. If you are a pro-wrestling business and something else is a pro-wrestling business, that's your competition regardless of what you say.

  19. Luis says:

    Vince tries everything in the book thats why his product is getting real lame… once finished watching WwE buy wcw n ecw he hyped he would use all company roster but some talent got buried and I remember booker t & the rock for first time it was entertaining at first

  20. annil8or4321 says:

    its all just business of course wwe sees them as competition tna isnt as widely known as them but they have still made it to a televised weekly show for the last decade so vkm is im sure a little concerned that his pg rated money maker is going to start losing little by little. now i dont think tna will be as grandious as wwe but i wouldnt want it to be it would just get watered down i like the underdog they have all the fight

  21. Bigmike885 says:

    I love how all of you saw "this is low class by WWE blah blah blah"….but the bottom line is TNA would do this excact same thing if they had the power to do so, Bichoff did this plenty in his WWE days..its a nature of the beast..and if TNA had any kind of stroke they would the same damn thing..but of course WWE is the…

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