Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on May 6, 2013
Yahoo Article On How TNA Can Compete With WWE

Yahoo Article On How TNA Can Compete With WWE

Yahoo has an article on how TNA can compete with WWE, which you can read here. Basically it boils down to the following three steps:

* Hire Paul Heyman as head of creative
* Focus more on its UK market
* Sign a top WWE wrestler (John Cena or CM Punk)

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44 Responses to “Yahoo Article On How TNA Can Compete With WWE”

  1. jbcissom says:

    It's a Yahoo editorial column…. meaning an Average Joe can write an entry and have it posted to the sports/entertainment blogsphere at Yahoo!.

    And the only valid point it the second one, which TNA (Dixie Carter) does seem to be doing.

    • TwIsTeD_EnEmY says:

      +1 Many facts he claimed to be true are false. Poor article, not worth a read

    • hangers says:

      Yea, I was going to say the same thing, how is an article on a search engine a credible news source. Sounds like crap regardless, how is focusing on the UK market going to help gain market share against WWE in the USA, the main wrestling market in the world? The UK market needs a focus, yes as TNA out-rates WWE there but that's already happening. If TNA hired CM Punk tomorrow it would have not much effect, if any on the ratings of the show, may have a small spike for an episode or two but I can't see much benefit and it's not going to happen anyway..

      As for Paul Heyman, this was already proposed at length a couple of years ago but he wanted more than what TNA could offer and that was that.

      • jbcissom says:

        I agree that the UK market won't do diddly-squat stateside, but it will help TNA become a more prosperous business, which could lead to other endeavors in making TNA successful stateside (basically more revenue).

        As for Heyman, the hang up from my understanding wasn't the $$$ amount, but he wanted complete control, and Dixie wasn't having that.

        • hangers says:

          Control and a % of the company but I honestly don't think he'd be worth it at this stage of the game..

          If I were Dixie I'd dump Hogan, turn heel and get my face on the tv every week being an absolute b:tch like Karen Angle was, only double..

          • jbcissom says:

            I would agree with you a bit, but others would say it's just a bunch of recycled garbage. Like I said in another thread, I think TNA could improve Impact! vastly by letting the on air talent "cut loose". Bully would be over even more as a heel… same goes for Roode and Aries. And I believe it would probably make James Storm the top face in the company, possibly surpassing AJ Styles. And *valley girl moment* O… M… F… G…. Bad Influence….

          • genetic_mistake says:

            I think having Dixie on tv at all is a mistake. Heel or Face, it's been done to death with Vince, Bischoff, Russo, and even post-ECW Hayman. Keep Hogan, but cut down his tv time. He should only appear when absolutley neccesaarry, and only to give a talent or a storyline an extra push.____What TNA needs to do is focus on in ring competition. Less focus on storylines and character development, instead focus on the X Division. That's what seperates them from WWE and will allow for a better chance of their survival.

    • ricky_No1 says:

      I agree but point 1 is valid too. Heyman would indeed make for a better product.

  2. Tiffanydude says:

    Paul Heyman and hire Cena or Punk, No thanks we don't want t give total creative power to one person and give most of TNA's money to Cena (bad enough it goes to Hogan & Bischoff) and Punk hates TNA.
    Whoever wrote this article was probably high on Acid or some shit.

    • dcxboxx says:

      hogan and bishoff arent in charge though. they have some say, but its more marketing than anything bishoffs main thing is the tv production side of things.

      heyman would do a complete 180 on tna and change it all. heyman wanted more money, but also wanted to be a partner in tna. not run on the financial end that would be for dixie to handle still, but to have control over the product and how its marketed. also you can finally say good buy to anyone over 40 except for maybe angle and sting due to sting only making special appearences then like taker. and angle being the main vet on the roster being used to make new stars. you can bet one thing, heyman would make the x divsion special.

      dixie is bad for tna she knows nothing. she is ok for the non creative side, let her handle it on the financial side. and heyman everything else.

      but like heyman said, dixie really doesnt see tna growing, she wont take chances, tna are perfectly content where they are, maybe in the future we will see.

      • nwoforlife says:

        heyman is a joke not worth a dime i would not let heyman run a hotdog stand

        • THISISASHOOT247 says:

          Heyman's a creative genius. He would have made TNA into ROH times 100. It wouldve been really good to see it from his vision. And plus, we wouldnt have to see Hogan's old ass everyweek and his daughter wouldve never been hired.

  3. NotCookz says:

    'Sign a top WWE wrestler'… Yes, because it's really that easy.

  4. soyfenomenal says:

    this made me laugh. God damn, what fucking GENIUSES they are.
    & the fact that this site posted about it…like…holy fucking shit. Really??

  5. ariesstormjoe says:

    stupid article. while tna are at it. they may as well buy wwe. sounds like good logic that runs in line with the article.

  6. Josh L says:

    I think signing the rock at the right price for a couple big feuds and matches would be very beneficial but very unlikely

  7. KGill28 says:

    Signing CM Punk wouldn't improve the ratings that much. (I imagine most of the Punk fans already watch TNA, since it's usually the smark crowd that cheers for him). Hiring Cena has a better chance at turning people away, then it would bringing them in. Considering the fact that he gets booed out of all the arenas.

    TNA doesn't need to sign a huge star. They brought in Hogan and Sting, who are two of the most recognizable faces in wrestling, and that didn't do much for ratings. Back when TNA signed Kurt Angle, he was a huge star and it didn't help much. At the end of the day, TNA needs to advertise better and continue to build up their fan base.

    I would also rather Jim Cornette over Paul Heyman any day.

    • tna24 says:

      well they had Jim Cornette already in the past and seem like it didnt work out

      • soyfenomenal says:

        Cornette did something that everyone else seems to fail to do– GET TO THE POINT. He didn't spend 15 minutes calling out one person, he would call out the locker room and lay it down to everyone in 5 minutes. Cornette is better than Hogan any day.

        • KilloWare1996 says:

          Do you mean the Public meeting he had because that was something WWE actually stole from TNA but then again TNA nicked the idea from WWF

    • dcxboxx says:

      cornette is all about pusing older guys though, and will turn tna more old school. roh fired him as the product went down hill. tna he was gone. don't get me wrong i like cornette hes good but not the guy to be in charge. maybe as an adviser. heymans the guy who would put 110% in to the company and live and breathe it 24/7

  8. Treck says:

    Paul Herman is the most overrated persona in wrestling. What has he done since ECW? Kiss Mcmahons ass and ride on Brock Lesnars jock!

  9. tna24 says:

    yahoo they try to get heyman, but couldnt agree on things and we dont need cena or punk. we have our own CM punk aries. tna has got before some of wwe top guys and look where we are not so great. getting hulk,hardy and kurt hasnt really help tna that much. so getting cena and punk wont do much, but help rating for a few months at best

  10. Get_Carter says:

    Just an elevated fan site blog posting. The fact hat this site is now giving credence to nothing more than fan blog says a lot. I could say TNA needs to sign Bill Clinton — what do I know?? I really feel TNA news has become a "click for pay factory" more than anything else lately. I have watched TNA try everything and the kitchen sink over the last 10 years – and yes i've been watching all 10 years. The move to Spike was good but they have hit the ceiling ratings wise. Any of that "if they bring in Goldberg (or heyman or whoever talk) it'll get 2 plus ratings" talk is garbage, Getting Hogan, or live shows or out of the impact zone, or firing Russo have done little to nothing ratings wise. I've even seen some bring back Russo conversations. The grass is always greener folks. Some yahoo on yahoo suggesting what we already know isn't going to make a bit of difference. I suppose it'e better than posting the same tidbit of news three different times on the website just to get the clicks.

  11. finallytherockcomeshome says:

    How to improve tna? Finally close roh needs room to grow

  12. donutmanbill says:

    One thing no one has mentioned yet (unless I missed it) is that TNA used to have CM Punk (and he was paired at the time with Mickie James ) and neither of them helped ratings at all, nothing against either of them, they are both very talented, but the honest thing is when you have the money WWE has they could take Donald Trump and make him a huge wrestling star (okay, maybe exaggerating a little but you know what I'm saying) WWE has the money and the viewership to make stars. NWA used to have that power too (thus 4 horsemen, Sting, Ric Flair etc) but no one else has that kind of money or tv exposure. Getting Cena or Punk on their own wouldn't boost ratings….what would boost ratings is getting several stars over a period of time…imagine, Randy Orton one week just showing up, the following week Kevin Steen, the following week Goldberg…why would that work? Because people would start talking, people would tune in because they wouldn't know what was coming…that's why WCW was beating WWE…you had Scott Hall, followed by Kevin Nash, followed by Sean Waltman, Ted Dibiase, etc.. TNA needs fresh talent to get people excited and the TV time to build on it, they need to get SPIKE to give them a 2nd show maybe on a Wednesday so as to not split wrestling fans loyalties….Heyman wouldn't help, if you get rid of everyone over 40 you'd be left with a locker room full of people no one knows (hello, Ring of Honor II) Paul Heyman forgets that ECW was built on the backs of Shane Dougless, Raven, Sandman, and Sabu not to mention Bam Bam Bigallow, all of who were not youngsters and most had come from other federations…if not for them ECW would have failed….just my thoughts….to beat WWE they need money, they need TV time and they need to partner with someone like Ted Turner (maybe someone from FOX?) and it wouldn't hurt to join up with ROH to try and give WWE some competition !!!! Just my opinion!!!

    • dcxboxx says:

      shane was young still and rather unknown when in ecw. he never got a chance to go anywhere in wcw or his first wwf run in the early 90s. sabu was rather unknown still young same with raven. he was often midcard or lower in the other companies and wwf didnt even wrestle as he was a manager to a midcard team. and roh doesnt even have real tv so thats hard to compare. im sure roh would out do tna right now if they had the same tv deal. and roh isnt where it was 6 years ago but have been improving.

      • donutmanbill says:

        I gave a thumbs up cause I agree, Shane was still young, he did have experience in the other two federations though, they also had Steve Austin early on not to mention Mick Foley after he left WCW, so ECW did have some guys with some experience, they were all mid-carders at that point (except for Foley who did do some high profile matches in WCW) they also had Terry Funk (who was definitely over 40 at the time) and Jake Roberts towards the end. Paul also had some young guys who really were home grown stars like Rob Van Dam, Taz , the dudleys, and Tommy Dreamer, but he mixed 'em in with guys who had some experience. From what I read he would get rid of anyone over 40 except 1 veteran, I think that's a bad move, if the general wrestling fan doesn't know who you are they aren't going to be invested in the match unless you're facing someone with a rep.
        I wasn't dissing ROH, I respect them for what they are doing, but I watch their product every Saturday night, they have a couple matches and most of it is advertising. That isn't their fault, it's a bad TV time slot. Plus they only have an hour to work with. They do okay, they have some great talent (Jay Lethal, the Briscoes, and of course one of the best, Kevin Steen) but I was just saying if they partnered with TNA in some way, mix talent together, get some additional TV time, the combination might give WWE some serious trouble

    • dcxboxx says:

      turner doesnt own any tv anymore that i know of. and isnt nearly as wealhty as he once was. fox would be hard maybe on fx would be ok for tna, but not fox broadcast as tna could never get the ratings that would justify fox giving them such a slot and fox loves to cance shows to piss people off.

      • donutmanbill says:

        true, maybe NBC since they used to have Saturday Night Main Event way back in the day…someone out there with a network you would think would notice the ratings that USA gets every monday night and want a piece of that action.
        Even looking at Spike, their top rated show by FAR is TNA, this should make other networks sit up and take notice…marketing, TV time, and recognizable faces is all that TNA needs to take that next leap to compete and bring back the good old days of the monday night wars which was good for all the wrestling companies, wwe, wcw and even ecw… was the biggest time in the sport and it would be awesome to see things come back that way

        • dcxboxx says:

          even nbc wouldnt do. best they could hope for is mytvnetwork which is run by fox i think as a smaller broadcast network they dont do much original programming and mostly do older stuff. or cw network. but one prob would be content may have to go down to be on such networks though as its not cable. nbc is too big and that won't happen due to them working with the wwe. they own syfy and usa network.

          while tna is the top rated show. ecw had ratings that equal what tna average right now when spike was tnn (add that tnn was a far smaller network than what it is now as spike tv). problem for ecw was tnn didnt take any financial stake in producing the shows nor did they advertise outside of tnn and hardly advertised on tnn. spike does some adds on other viacom networks but they should really push the show.

  13. annil8or4321 says:

    fx would be a good fit for tna, they do have edgier shows like wilfred, the league, and its always sunny in philidelphia

  14. Luis says:

    If it’s not Stone Cold ,Undertaker or The Rock it will be a dud in my eyes…just being honest

  15. whatsup121 says:

    Even if they bring in Cena, Punk , The Undertaker, Shawn Michael's etc. All people are going to say is looking another E star in the TNA

    • Luis says:

      If they bring any 3 of the ones I mentioned which a possibility of them going is none.Believe that crowd will go nuts in shoc…if the world does not expect something it will bring in viewers

  16. whatsup121 says:

    Even if TNA could afford The Rock most likely the E own's the name , so he'd have to call himself something else like THE STONE

  17. nwoforlife says:

    when are people going to figure this out its not tna its not the wrestlers its the station spike its a small network tna is one of the highest rated show on spike when direct tv was not showing spike the ratings did not fall

  18. Laker says:

    John Cena and CM Punk would never sign with TNA because they are loyal to the WWE.

  19. Real Deal Heel says:

    Heyman isn't bad, but didn't he want to axe anyone over 40 no questions asked….now how would that go over with Dixie's old dudes like Hogan, etc.? That's why that won't happen.

    As far as the UK market…TNA already beats WWE in ratings in the UK and has done so for years…but making some house show money on more tours in the UK wouldn't hurt since they normally sell out.

    As far as signing a big star..hmm…I like Punk, but it wouldn't do much, ala Angle, Hogan, etc. as WWE goes on…But as much as I hate would be funny to see him in TNA as a heel…but would never happen because of cash and loyalty to WWE.

    It would be fun to see Dixie go all heel-like as a poster noted above. I think there needs to be a heel presence at the top ala Vince to mix it up. Just my 2 cents tho.

  20. POWERBOMB says:

    The guy who wrote that yahoo article is an idiot

  21. JoeWrestling says:

    Paul wants to axe everyone over 40. But don't I see Paul Heyman filling up tons of time on WWE TV? How old is he? 46! The big match on Extreme Rules is a guy who's 43. And John Cena, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio and all these guys are around the 35 mark. So TNA just needs to hold on about 5 more years and they can have the whole main event roster cheap after they are all fired at 40. Right. Lots of guys 41 on there, like Mark Henry and Big Show, R-Truth, (The Rock), Tensai 40, Great Kahli 40, Kane 46, Undertaker 48, and Jericho 42, on TV all the time. Fire them all now! They won't even let Stone Cold out of contract, there's a 48 year old guy paid by WWE to do nothing. If TNA were doing that, imagine the complaints. And don't get me started on WWE, cause RAW had Brock Lesnar destroying an office full of ikea furniture and the cheapest graveyard of computer gear, that cheap SOB HHH has in his office. His secretaries have better stuff that him apparently. And you notice Brock pulls the TV off the wall mount and it has no power cable for the TV and the cable wire isn't hooked up either. Good Job guys. And what's with the constantly saying guys are on satellite interviews and there is no satellite delay on the video, are kids this stupid? Can't they just ad some delay in to make it look real?

  22. 1Risky1 says:

    * Hire Paul Heyman as head of creative
    * Focus more on its UK market
    * Sign a top WWE wrestler (John Cena or CM Punk)
    in another words make TNA into another WWE, no thank you

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