Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 4, 2013
Your Hate Mail Revealed (Week 2)  – The Best Of The Best!

Your Hate Mail Revealed (Week 2) – The Best Of The Best!

It’s Friday and you know what that means – it’s time for HATE MAIL!

Several weeks ago here on the website, we told you we wanted to see your “hate mail”! We often see fans venting about the site, reporters, column writers, forum members, etc. in the comments section and plan to make it a weekly feature here on the website.

Let us know why you hate us, what we should stop doing, what we should do more of, etc. and we’ll take the best “hate mail” comments and post them inside a weekly post.

It’s all love on our end and we can’t thank all of you enough for your continued support. This is something we’re adding to have a little fun and to get you guys more involved.

With that being said, here are some of the “best hate mail” comments we received over the past week:


ThatOneGuy • 2 days ago
Exaggerated claims cannot boost site traffic anymore Ryan..

Aviel • 3 days ago
Man. I really do need to find a new site. Any suggestions?

Andrew Whitson • 3 days ago
She looks amazing, honestly. More beautiful than ever. Ryan is a d*ck

BigBoss25 • 3 days ago
Ryan Clark, just go f*ck yourself. No one wants you to post articles anymore. I think you being gone would make this website a lot better.

Bob Lazar • 3 days ago
Ryan Clark says “Wow” like the b*tch gained 95,196,189 lbs. What a tool. She looks fine to me. Great unbiased journalism here. Char Har

TheChosenOne • 3 days ago
She’s still fitter than the knob jocks who write these stories

John Carlile • 3 days ago
Wow, Ryan. What a d*ck. She looks amazing.

HailCaesar • 3 days ago
meanwhile this reporter yanks it to girls he saw at community college that day…

BadAndy • 3 days ago
So a woman looks like a woman should, healthy, and we call her large or big? So sorry that she can’t look like the super skinny Maryse or Kelly Kelly pics that you post calling them “super hot”, etc. She looks just fine and you should be ashamed of your trashy bashing. You are no better than a tabloid with this crap.

Rayquaza • 3 days ago
Ryan is a bundle of sticks.

Mark Wither • 3 days ago
Aksana looks absolutely stunning in the pic you should be ashamed of this report Ryan.

Antonio Dee • 3 days ago
She’d kick your ass you half retarded, imbred piece of sh*t. Bet you’re no looker yourself.

luuig • 3 days ago
I dint see any difference. And the “wow” at the end of the story just makes you look like a d*ck.

Joe • 3 days ago
So you posted this to just criticize a woman’s weight? Is this a wrestling site or TMZ?

Danny McCrae • 3 days ago
WHAT?! Her arm looks a bit big in the photo, oh my God how f*cking pathetic.

Brian Cice • 3 days ago
okay…..I’m not one to do this but Ryan Clark. Pull the stick out of your ass and smack some sense into that skull of yours. That isn’t a lot of weight first. Second remember Aksana is a body builder first. So she’s gonna be bigger then the stick bimbos that WWE calls divas.

Nerdsmasher69 Brian Cice • 3 days ago
Ryan Clark is a child in an adult body pretending he’s doing something important.

PSY • 3 days ago
Why is the fact that a Diva has gained weight a headline? Would it be a headline if it was a WWE Superstar? She hasn’t even gained that much and she looks fine. Please try actual journalism one day.


Miku_Air • 9 hours ago
Did you guys also see the article under that where Cena is considering jumping to TNA? Maybe you should report that too!

Christopher Rains • 13 hours ago
If they are the king of bullsh*t then don’t lower ur website’s standards by posting about their reports.

Fanboy 31 • 14 hours ago
I thought Ryan Clark was the king of bullsh*t news and gossip.

yourlanguageisoffensive • 16 hours ago
well F*CK RYAN CLARK..who wants to click to see Stacy’s ass

ARMANDO_L1O • 18 hours ago
woah! ryan clark is complaining about other people’s bullsh*t news? he must hate competition!

creature_of_the_meth • 18 hours ago
take it like taking ryan’s sources

JeffreyzDonutz • 20 hours ago
I’ve heard Ryan on the WZR radio show he sounds like a really annoying troll that most people would wanna b*tch slap.

neonsigns • 20 hours ago
“They are the king of bullshit news and gossip.” almost like this site with the false advertising and pseudo updates. But we still love eWN.

Thatoneperson MunchieWilson • 20 hours ago
A troll taking shots at trolls.

BigBoss25 MunchieWilson • 20 hours ago
Ryan is a moron.

Alan Grym BigBoss25 • 20 hours ago
Ryan is a beautiful person, stop it

We love you guys! Have at us below and we’ll see ya’ next Friday for the next installment of “hate mail”! :-)

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