Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Nov 19, 2012
Zema Ion Speaks Out On The X-Division & More

Zema Ion Speaks Out On The X-Division & More

Zema Ion recently spoke to Pro Wrestling Radio about being labeled an “X-Division” guy and more. Here are the highlights…

The “X Division” Championship becoming a #1 contender pass at Destination X: “(Austin) Aries is blazing the trails for X Division wrestlers such as myself and he’s showing we don’t have to be confined to our own division. We are talented enough to take on the heavyweight wrestlers and go after the heavyweight titles. What he did at Destination X and the stipulation that every year the X Division Champion can cash in an opportunity for the world title at that pay-per-view, it’s a great thing. It gives us a chance to stand on that stage, pay-per-view, main event, World Title.”

Being labeled an “X-Division” guy: “It doesn’t really bother me. I will say there have been several times that I was thinking it would be great to get in the ring with guys like RVD or AJ Styles and test myself see how I can fair against those type of wrestlers. Its frustrating in some ways because I wanted those type of opportunities too and now it seems like things are changing and I may get those opportunities now.”

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8 Responses to “Zema Ion Speaks Out On The X-Division & More”

  1. Stunner says:

    TNA needs to build their X-Division more on paper and in the Impact TV shows!

  2. MRPC says:

    Just a thought… If AJ Styles wanted to redeem his career storyline wise and find a way around his no title shot until Bound For Glory he could become a dominant X-Division champ again and cash in at Destination X (having some potentially brilliant matches in the process).

    Would be interesting to cast him as the older head in the Division (kinda like RVD) and have the younger guys step up to his level and get the rub.

    • purpleurkel says:

      good point mrpc!

      That would be awesome

    • Pipboy86 says:

      This is a really good suggestion. It is on line with a lot of my reasoning behind what kind of alternative product that TNA should present to be different from WWE.

      There is one drawback. In doing so, you put the X division in another position like it was with Austin Aries and Samoa Joe basically running rough shod over it. AJ would have to be booked extremely strong to make it something that did not fall flat. He wouldn't be able to do the kind of role that TNA has given him over the last several years. Essentially being a jobber to the stars, who gets close but always falls short. He would would have to have very solid wins over the entire X division roster. So it is a minimal rub at best as far as working with AJ. They would be there to put him over, not the other way around.

      Normally I don't like to see a division buried like that for the sake of elevating one particular worker. It is kind of like cutting your nose off to spite your face. However, in my estimation, the X division is just kind of something that is for all intensives purposes background scenery at this point. I also don't see anyone who has the potential to immediately step up and carry that division, like so many of the great talent did in the past., so I would do it in a heartbeat. TNA with an AJ Styles in the mix as a legitimate main eventer is better than an X division that is just treading water.

    • Warrior_86 says:

      Excellent idea!

  3. Dependant says:

    X division was originally the reason i started watching TNA they had that uniqueness from WWE but now idk.

    • Pipboy86 says:

      Me too. It is really sad how TNA destroyed the X division over the years for absolutely no reason and no benefit.

      • Pipboy86 says:

        I will add another thing to that. If it was destroyed by incompetency, that is one thing. It would be an example of one of the worst instances of consistently poor booking in wrestling history Years and years worth of futility, when there is absolutely good talent available to be hand, for a type of wrestling that basically writes itself. It is inexcusable.

        I have always got the impression though, that like the KO's, it was not destroyed due to sheer incompetency, but by design. Somewhere along the way people in charge have obviously decided IMO that they didn't like the way it was sharing the spotlight with the heavyweight division. Like I said, it is easy to book and that type of athletic based wrestling that basically writes itself at its core. No one could screw up that bad for so long unless it was on purpose. Especially through the many creative changes TNA has had over the years.

        Most people on this message board could literally write passable X division storylines. We already had a really good one posted by MRPC. People with power obviously decided they would rather have it as a small side attraction than one of the key parts of TNA. Another example of dirty wrestling politics IMO.

        TNA was a such an exciting and unique company when You had a strong X and Tag team divisions. All TNA ever really needed was that next step and a strong heavyweight Division. Well they have that somewhat now, but have basically abandoned everything else. So it is really like trying to convince yourself everything is hunky-dory when you have lost so much and it hasn't been replaced with anything of similar value. The newer fans to TNA may not notice anything is wrong, but those of us who have been here from Day one certainly notice it.

        Now I am about to go philosophical, bear with me because it is important. Perfection is a closed system. Nothing can ever be perfect, but Institutions are ALL closed systems that strive for perfection. It is not about a quest for perfection to have TNA presenting a strong X division, Tag Team Division, or a KO's and a heavyweight division. On the contrary, it is that very quest for perfection of what is the so-called IDEAL product to reach the so-called masses that has obviously led to the ever closing square. IMO, the PTB obviously decided it was not viable for that much variety, ie. freedom of choice. ECW was about as close to an open system as you can have in wrestling and it was a REAL alternative not in spite of that, but because of it. ECW sold itself with very limited marketing and mostly word of mouth advertisement, much like TNA did in the early days. There is no question in my mind that with money, ECW would have continued to sell itself as long as it remained creatively viable. While TNA on the other hand, has more than enough money, but has continued to struggle to attract a real cult following . Everyone who has come out and said that TNA is basically an indy with TV is absolutely right, regardless of whether most TNA fans want to accept it or not. The signs are all there to be read. TNA is not close to being mainstream and there is is no signifigant status quo to really preserve that is anything but on a secondary level. It is not a huge company with large devoted fan base. Their share is obviously very small. TNA needs more open system thinking. Break the mold.

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