Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jun 14, 2014
Backstage News – Very Low Morale In TNA – Details

Backstage News – Very Low Morale In TNA – Details

The low attendance figures for the recent TNA Basebrawl stadium events led to low morale among the roster members who worked the events. The source goes on to say that there is said to be uncertainty in TNA at the moment, after many talents were let go. Talents reportedly believe the Carter family is not putting much new money into TNA and the wrestlers use live fan attendance to judge the state of the company.

Talent is also said to be nervous because TNA still does not have a new TV deal with SpikeTV. However, one positive sign on that end is that several TNA wrestlers appeared at the SpikeTV awards show last week.

In addition, several TNA stars have apparently reached out to Ring of Honor and Jeff Jarrett’s Global Force Wrestling promotion for possible job opportunities. However, since very little has been revealed about GFW, there is a concern regarding that promotion among talent.

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5 Responses to “Backstage News – Very Low Morale In TNA – Details”

  1. weasel6666 says:

    "the source" loool

    This site and all the dirty sheets sites are so ridiculous!

  2. Grandiose7 says:

    Well if they wait long enough they can join GFW and work for Jarrett again. The carter's don't have a wrestling mind.

  3. ProWrestling1 says:

    F…uuu…ccc…..kkkk this site such liars! so tired of the hate on tna.

  4. Jon says:

    While I don't see any reason at all to hope for anything except a continued slow slide into irrelevancy for TNA, I'm hard pressed to believe that low attendance at a baseball stadium event (a rather bizarre concept to begin with frankly, even if it's been around for a number of years now) is going to have major impact on locker room morale. Those type events are often a crapshoot, reliant on good weather, proper timing of the date against local events (like vacations, school ending, etc), marketing, and various other factors that have nothing to do with wrestling.

    I can believe that morale might be an issue … I have a tougher time believing this has anything particular to do with that.

  5. DJBIGCG says:

    I think that GFW will take over tna

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