Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 13, 2012
Major Update: Russo Fired?, Bischoff’s Power, More

Major Update: Russo Fired?, Bischoff’s Power, More

Here are some new details on the TNA creative team shake-up:

* Dave Lagana was working on helping with pre-taped segments only at the TNA PPV. It doesn’t appear as if he has been promoted or is replacing Vince Russo yet.

* Russo was not at the show and it does appear as if changes to the creative team are in the works. No official announcement on anything has been made to the wrestlers or staff.

* It appears as if the lackluster ratings for the recent iMPACT! shows in London, England may have been the final straw to cause changes.

* Eric Bischoff would have been part of the decision to get Vince Russo out of power within the TNA creative team. The feeling backstage right now is that Russo is out and that he won’t be retained in any capacity with TNA.

* Russo’s exit would likely result in Bischoff having more power. Bischoff has consistently disagreed with Russo on TNA’s booking and storylines.

* As of now, Bruce Prichard is still head of TNA’s creative team. Wherever Dave Lagana ends up, it’ll be below Prichard and Bischoff.

* At this point, it seems as if Lagana’s role won’t really be expanding. He has downplayed his role, another sign that he hasn’t been promoted.

Source(s): PWTorch & PWinsider

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20 Responses to “Major Update: Russo Fired?, Bischoff’s Power, More”

  1. pepsilover2008 says:

    Tna just advertise that is the problem i don't see any ads outside of spike, go promote on mtv's major shows or something

    • Bigmike885 says:

      Really? think thats the problem? The shows been on the same time slot for a couple years now, and wrestling fans know what times and channel its on. can you advertise Impact on MTV for a thrusday night show when their most popular show is on THURSDAY NIGHT…

      • pepsilover2008 says:

        Spike and tna have advertise mtv's Thursday shows before, i don't see why mtv can't do the same for tna

        • Bigmike885 says:

          Because MTV is smart? TNA is desperate for attention to they had the 2nd teir Jersey shore stars apperar on their show and advertise. What good would it do MTV to advertise something that may take veiwers away from their most popular show?

    • godoftna says:

      TNA consistently advertises during it's programming for shows like Bellator Fighting, Cartoon Networks Adult Swim, and many others. It makes good business sense to advertise on these other channels and programs as well. You find out what your age demographic is, then you expand your advertising to channels and programming that meet your demographic. When TNA brought in JWoWW and Ronnie from JerseyShore, they should have cross promoted the appearance on MTV. Not everyone will tune in, but there will be a few curious onlookers who will switch over, even if it's just to see what happens during said appearance. If you only ever promote and advertise on your own network, you wont get people to make the switch, TNA can't rely on word of mouth alone.

    • mattcasdorph says:

      I cant see why stupid people thumbsdown when valid points are made… and yes Bigmike, advertising is a major problem.

  2. Pipboy86 says:

    If Russo is really gone I will be glad, but if Bischoff gets more power over creative I will be sadly disappointed. Pritchard and Lagana are the only members of that crew that have proven to have a decent creative track records. If it was my company, Pritchard would definitely be the one getting more creative control. He's really the best of anyone who could possibly be available now with the exception of Paul Heyman and maybe Gabe Sapolsky. Beyond not trusting Eric Bischoff as far as I could throw him, his track record has proven that he was a one trick pony who's success hinged on the NWO and signing big name wrestlers on Ted Turners money.

    • __Franke__ says:

      Yeah same here, I was stoked about the Russo news but if it's all just a Bischoff power play then that takes a lot of the enthusiasm out of me.

      Personally I don't like how wrestling.. ALL of pro wrestling is creatively controlled by old people. Granted the majority all had very good success in the 90s, but back then they were all in their 20s and were all coming out with fresh ideas. It's 20 years later and still the same people.

      I'd personally like to see just one old guy in charge to manage [Pritchard] and other than that just young guys, or even if the rumours are true have Pritchard as VP of Talent and Lagana as the Creative Manager. Still, the most important thing I can see about the creative process is that it's all coming from old coggers and needs young ideas.

  3. DJBIGCG says:

    I've seen wwe commercials either for raw smackdown or ppv during impact comercial time numerous times and wwe gets ratings in the 3.0 – 3.5. So if tna wants more advertisement, they need to have commercials during wwe raw. When hogan came to tna with bischoff mick foley jeff hardy etc…. they had commercials during raw and got a 1.5. So tna should do that

  4. TommyBallbuster says:

    Out here in california NO ONE knows TNA/Impact! It's sad too but then again no one knows spike channel also! Sad but true.

  5. planetcrush says:

    Russo should have been gone a long time ago. I still won't believe it until I see it though. We've seen so many people come and go but somehow Russo has always found a way to keep his job.

  6. HolsG says:

    The thing is the crap ratings could also be due to lack of advertising. It would be good to get someone new in and see what happens with the storylines then

  7. godoftna says:

    More power for Bischoff means more power for Hogan which = bad decision. I thought that when Hogan came to TNA, Bischoff swore up and down that he was going to have no part of it. He would be nothing more than a supporterof his friend? Now i admit that Bischoff can have a good sense for the business, and he has had a few good ideas, but in my estimation this can only end badly. I certainly hope that either Dixie Carter or Bruce Pritchard has some control over him, because when Bischoff is given massive amounts of power and control, well, do we really wanna see another WCW?

    • Dmoney says:

      Are you special ed or something? WCW was epic! The NWO being able to do what they wanted was stupid. But the overall feel of WCW was better than WWE. Triple Cage Matches, 60 Man Battle Roayales, and AWESOME women’s matches where the hell were you during the 90’s? When Bischoff is focused on the product he gets the impossible done. For the love of GOD, he kicked McMahon’s ass for two years straight! I do think they need to have the boys in the back opinions for storylines. If you get some fresh ideas in you can probably do some great things as far as booking and plotlines go. Maybe they start up some never before seen rivalries to get people more excited to watch.

  8. EvanPenn1 says:

    I think it’s a great idea for Eric to have more power u say his ideas is from the 90s n I disagree. Vince is from the 70s n 80s n still has a good base love or not. Eric didn’t just sign wwe guys he also created wrestlers such as Goldberg, benoit, Rey, Jericho, buff, DDP, catus Jack, big show, n plenty of more but he needed established wrestlers to get them over as he do now bcuz the tna originals can’t draw shit.

    • godoftna says:

      actually, Benoit, Misterio, and Jericho gained notoriety while in ECW before they made the move to WCW, and Cactus Jack made his mark in Japan and didn't become a big US star until his runs in both ECW and the Attitude Era WWF.

  9. RJ says:

    Lets All Not Forget! Bischoff is the reason why WWE Almost Damn Near Got Owned By Ted Turner. And,Hes Also the reason why he kicked vinces ass In the attitude era 82 weeks straight In ratings. the thing that turned everything around In wcw on tnt and tbs was when aol and time warner took over and fired bishoff and brought In Vince Russo to fuck up and destroyed the REAL Entire NWO Gimmick which caused hogan to leave after Jeff jarrett layed down to the ground and let him get the win! that was All.russo! So yeah, give Bischoff A Chance and if you guys are REAL wrestling fans that used to flip back and forth the channel each commercial break, between 1996 and 2000 Bischoff Era of controlling it All back then, you give bischoff a chance now! I believe In bischoff, watch him promote it and try to make tna go 3 hours when originally scheduled for 2. I see the change. Itll happen, just watah wait and see

    • Bigmike885 says:

      You think Russo killed the NWO?..nope..that was bischoff..Bischoff had excatly ONE good idea (all be it a very very good one) that involved top superstars from the rival promotion. No big stars from WWE are going to jump to TNA to help cause that again. TNA doesnt have the money WCW had or the exposure. Nash,hall, Hogan, Luger where willing to go to WCW because it was almost as big as WWE in terms of brand name power. TNA is no where close.

  10. TNAFOREVER says:

    Good now Call Paul heyman and have him clean up this mess. So we can get better ratings!!!

  11. Travis Fradd says:

    Russo should stay he will get TNA to the top if he is given time. The problem is old people like Hogan Sting Flair they need to RETIRE. If Russo is gone then i will quit watching TNA because i know the good storylines will be gone

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