Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Dec 6, 2012
Report: Hogan & Flair Receiving Wrestling Offers

Report: Hogan & Flair Receiving Wrestling Offers

While Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair have both claimed to have wrestled their final matches, both have recently received offers to return to the ring.

Llaves y Candados, which is backed by one of the biggest television networks in Mexico, met with TNA officials and Hulk Hogan at the November 29th TNA iMPACT! tapings. Roberto Figueroa made a huge offer to Hulk Hogan to wrestle one show in Mexico. Hogan turned down the offer, stating that he cannot go in the ring any more. They even proposed a match where Hogan could stay stationary and have wrestlers run into his punches and bump around for him, but Hogan rejected that as well, which may be very telling about his current physical condition.

Ric Flair has also received a big offer to work with an international promotion. It is believed that Flair would wrestle again if the money was right. The general feeling is that he will likely end up back in WWE, and they have made it clear that if he comes back that he will not wrestle in a WWE ring.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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17 Responses to “Report: Hogan & Flair Receiving Wrestling Offers”

  1. Goeroe1981 says:

    For oldschool fans maybe a good feeling to see them wrestle. But not good for them and not worth watching if they wrestled because the only way they can win is obviously going to give the match a "fake" feeling. Plus the loser will have to carry the entire match.

  2. dcxboxx says:

    flair as an offer to wrestle and team with muta for a series of matches. that i wont mind seeing. hogan turned downa 500k offer to work a triplemania a few years ago as well, i think at the time was his back issues.

  3. Bigmike885 says:

    Its kind of sad that these guys last matches where so…blah… Flair should have gone out after him WM match with Michaels..that was a perfect ending to a damn near perfect career. And as much as i dont like Hogan now, he deserved one epic final match (by epic i mean build up, becasue we all know Hogan cant go)..In all fairness..his match with the Rock should have been his last (wm 19..good god..that was 10 years ago?). Not saying all his matches since then have been bad, but the vibe around that match was insane

  4. soyfenomenal says:

    Hogan is 5 years younger than Flair and didn't do half of the things Flair did in the ring. Flair was 61 when he took a super-plex through a table by Foley. Not to mention the numerous street fights and other bumps he's taken.
    Why is Hogan so broken down compared to Flair?

    • Nova_numb says:

      My feeling on why Hogan has had so many more issues than Flair is probably a few things. Hogan has stated he used Steroids in the past which we all know does damage to your body. He wrestled much bigger men a lot in his career and it was always the deal of the match that he slam these big men. Which yeah we know the guys are helping you with the jump, but that is still a lot of strain on your body to slam people like Andre, Bundy, Earthquake and so on. Plus I think the final thing was the choice of a finisher. There is no way to bump out of a leg drop. You are of course bending your leg to an angle that is suppose to protect your opponent's throat, but you are also falling right on your tailbone. Can you imagine how many leg drops he has done in his time, and I think all of that slamming down just did damage to his back. That's my opinion, I am sure several others will complain Flair is just tougher, which I am not going to deny either.

      • Bigmike885 says:

        Hogan has stated numerous times (and if you watch the match you can see it happen) that he tore a bunch of muscles in his back when he lifted andre..and andre couldnt jump at all, so Hogan had to deadweight all that. After that Hogan never got the proper medical care that he needed and the problems got worse. And youre compeltely right on the finisher thing, I'm sure with Hogans size that couldnt have been good for his hips or back at all. Flair, on the other hand, acctually had fairly low impact matches that centered more on mat wrestling than any real phyicialilty that would cause injury. And when he did get hurt he got treatment. He knew when he came back he'd still be the man. Hogan knew that Vince was always looking for the next "hogan". And his spot would be gone if he left. Its the same reason Cena never takes time off.

    • Herr_Odditus says:

      Hogan injured his back lifting up the 500+ pound Andre the Giant. That is something Flair has never done.

  5. purpleurkel says:

    whats the record for most chest slaps in a match?
    If I wanted to watch boring wrestling I would turn on wwe

    • DarkNexxus says:

      I don't know what the record is.

      As for WWE, I don't like to slam the different organizations. I watch three weekly, TNA, WWE (mon/fri only) and ROH. Everything I watch is via my pc, and only with WWE have I found myself browsing the web, playing games, or even reading the local news. Every so often, something will happen that will grab my attention, but for the most part, the matches are stale, repetitive, or just outright boring. Maybe it's just me.

      • purpleurkel says:

        confession time i guess: I slam wwe but I still flip over there sometimes, just because of Damien Sandow and DBryan.
        I just cant understand why people think BigShow, Kane, Randy Orton are worth watching…so boring

        You make a valid point.

  6. hangers says:

    I saw them live around 3 years ago wrestle a match and although they hyped it really well, they were both limited, more so Hogan, to what they could do in the ring. I think they should both stay retired..

  7. JeromeTurner10 says:

    IF Hogan should have one last match, it should be vs Stone Cold at Mania 30..

  8. JoeWrestling says:

    "They even proposed a match where Hogan could stay stationary and have wrestlers run into his punches and bump around for him"

    Isn't this his standard match?

    • Larry_The_Dwarf says:

      Yeah…Now , I ****ing heard it all…ROTFGL !!! These two Jackasses take the cake…especially HH !!! Absolutely NO SHAME at all !!!

  9. Larry_The_Dwarf says:

    This ******** has REALLY got to give w/ Hogan , Flair , Sting , Nash , whoever the **** other old fart , washed up wrestler making a comeback !!! Really Now…First , We all see that this is old news , cause now The Hack wants to become TNA Heavyweight Champion…Give Us a ****IN' Break , already !!! And Flair is back fondling the little scrotums of VKM and HHH in WWEak !!! Hogan is w/o a doubt THE MOST Ludicrous , meely-mouthed , bottom of the ****in' PW barrel ******* to ever grace a wrestling ring !!! Flair is just as bad , along w/ Kevin "Numb-Nuts" Nash and his 6 move arsenal…Bischoff is as big a waste of breathe !!! CMON , ALREADY…Dumbass Dixie and McMahon the Moron , What the **** are You people thinking , Truthfully ?!? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA !!! Hell , Druggies and Retards could run your organizations w/ more sense…Their is alot of them in the shape (and out of shape) of present and past employees !!!

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