Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Oct 14, 2012
The Latest Backstage Update On Ric Flair To WWE

The Latest Backstage Update On Ric Flair To WWE

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE is reportedly staying far away from show interest in signing Ric Flair to a new deal until the lawsuit with TNA is settled. The new company policy is to not hire anyone who was under a TNA deal at the time the suit was filed or in Flair’s case near the time of the suit as Flair had already parted ways with TNA at that point.

The belief is that hiring Flair would strengthen the claim from TNA in the lawsuit even if WWE’s side feels the suit has no merit. We can confirm that former TNA stars have also privately requested not to speak at length about WWE when asked in media interviews as to not risk the possibility of getting a look down the line.

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