Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Feb 7, 2014
Kurt Angle May Return To WWE + Ray High On ‘The Wolves’

Kurt Angle May Return To WWE + Ray High On ‘The Wolves’

During recent interviews with Kurt Angle, which were designed to promote recent TNA events, Angle spent a lot of time discussing his time in WWE and possible matches with current WWE stars.

The feeling within TNA is that Angle is preparing to leave the company and possibly return to WWE once his TNA deal ends this year. Of course, he’s going to need to take a WWE physical in order to wrestle with them and many don’t think he’ll be able to pass that.

In another backstage TNA story, the word is that Bully Ray is very high on new TNA talents Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards.

During recent creative meetings, Ray has been very protective of how the duo has been booked and presented in the company.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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