Posted by TNA Wrestling News Staff on Jun 2, 2013
Update: Goldberg & Batista Not Headed To TNA

Update: Goldberg & Batista Not Headed To TNA

Hyping this summer’s slate of iMPACT! Wrestling episodes on Spike TV as “the biggest summer ever” in the history of the nine-year program, TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter touted via Twitter the soon arrival of a “big free agent signing.” On the social networking service, two-time world champion Bill Goldberg immediately squashed the possibility of joining the Nashville-based promotion.

“I’m telling you now it would never happen,” he said in response to a user asking him whether he is the individual in question.

The same Twitter user then wrote, “thank god for that I’d quit watching impact.” In response, Goldberg quipped, “Yep… and the other 4 people.”

A few months after Hulk Hogan’s arrival to TNA Wrestling, the legendary grappler claimed that Goldberg was in negotiations to join the organization. Goldberg, however, debunked the claim, stating to, “Pardon my French, but Hulk Hogan’s full of crap because I was never in negotiations with TNA.”

As noted earlier here on the website, former WWE champion Dave Bautista responded to a fan Twitter question asking whether he is the individual Dixie Carter is referring to as a “big free agent signing”.

“Seriously? I am a @WWE guy to the core,” he wrote.

When asked whether he has anything against the promotion, he wrote, “no of course not.”

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55 Responses to “Update: Goldberg & Batista Not Headed To TNA”

  1. Bigmike885 says:

    at least Batista took the high road…hes never made a secret that he's a wwe guy. Goldberg is a Goldberg guy..He thinks hes on the same Level as Hogan, Austin, Rock ect..he's not.

    • Peckar says:

      He has said in recent interviews that he would never appear on WWE's current PG format. Batista is not completely out of the question.

    • RagingReject says:

      Oh yeah a internet mark (idiot who thinks he knows anything) putting a is one powerhouse with Austin Rock. Goldberg is huge. One of the biggest names of that era. This is why internet idiots don’t have their voices heard

  2. slchris01 says:

    Its Morrison

    • Tiffanydude says:

      I really hope so, if he was a heel Joey and him can be tag team, he can fight in the X division, TV Champ because of his Superstar Hollywood type gimmick, and he's World champion material, so much TNA Can do with him, I really hope it's him!

      • Peckar says:

        He can't work the mic. How is that world championship material?

        • Philly_Cheese says:

          He actually can if you've seen him working in other promotions, just WWE has a habit of holding their talent back. Although he's not the absolute greatest on the mic, he's not the worst either.

        • ricky_No1 says:

          I agree. Defo not champ material at all. mid card at best.

    • dcxboxx says:

      hardly a big star. talented sure . i got to see him vs liger during mania weekend this year.

      • ricky_No1 says:

        What dixie calls a big name is not what most do. Probably another mid card WWE reject again.

        • andy3323 says:

          Yeah, not like TNA has ever brought in any big names like Sting, Angle, Cage, etc….Look, mission number one has been accomplished, they have everyone talking about who it could be. Best marketing available right there, word-of-mouth.

          • ricky_No1 says:

            I did not say TNA never brought any big names in. Try reading what i said before you reply again.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      The only major names I can think of off hand are:
      Bob Holly
      Beth Phoenix

      My honest bet out of all of these is Bob Holly, as he recently made an appearance with TNA.

  3. Treck says:

    Its the ultimate warrior as his original name. Rock as Sting was Flash when they arrived in wrestling as the blade runners. I am kidding. Would not be shocked if it was Jeff Jarrett.

  4. nwoforlife says:

    I am a @WWE guy to the core says Dave Bautista so was just wounding when was the last time he was on a wwe show

  5. NotCookz says:

    In other news, water is wet.

  6. tna24 says:

    we have some classy people on twitter lol. i wouldnt want to see goldberg in tna anyways.

  7. Allan says:

    Is RVD *sigh* . His series 10 figure is set to be released this month just like matt morgans was when he returned at bfg . I ask Dixie about it and she sent me a direct message ” … ” so that just gives it away . Sorry folks but no big star is coming to Tna .

  8. MRPC says:

    What are people thinking anyway… Has Goldberg even wrestled a match since WCW was bought over?

    As for Dave Bautista. Wasn't he already old even when he was new with WWE?

    • Whatever says:

      Yes Goldberg wrestled for wwe granted it was only for one year but he actually had some good matches while he was there.

      As for Dave what does it matter how old anymore as long as they are able to draw a crowd. If not then its time to move on. But besides from what I’ve read both wwe and tna like having the older guys around.

    • DirkB says:

      Did you miss the Golberg vs Lesnar match?

  9. MRPC says:

    I dare Dixie to prove me wrong but I don't think its likely that the 'Big' signing is the kind of person to make people go "Oh Sh*t!!" Like it was when Kurt Angle or Hogan signed or similar.

    Who is out there that would realistically go to TNA that would send out those reverberating shockwaves?

    • ariesstormjoe says:

      well tbf there is no one they can sign that is truly a big signing?

      in terms of wrestling you could say if they signed the rock, chris jericho, john cena, randy orton, cm punk, daniel bryan, but all of those are and will be wwe guys until they retire.

      that leaves in my opinion those that tna could sign rvd (tho he is what 3 years away from retirement) and alex shelley. all others are not considered big names and looked down upon by majority of wrestling fans imo.

      • Pippin0490 says:

        I'd love it to be Alex Shelley, instantly make him a bid deal (which he deserves to be) and let him fued with Chris Sabin for a while and put on some amazing matches.

        Also wouldn't mind seeing the return of Jay Lethal. Whereas some will say that both of these guys are far from a "big free agent" it would immediately put them up there which would be a good thing. These guys deserve much more than they got when in TNA.

  10. akcbd says:

    Its John Cena 😛

    nah, I hope its Morrison? but what name would he have if it was him?

    • MRPC says:

      Who is John Morrison? I've read his name on forums but have no idea who he is, certainly not a big name. I'm guessing that he is one of those 'big on the indy scene' guys that's popular with about 500 people?

      About as much profile as someone competing on Gutcheck!

      • PaulJulez says:

        Who is John Morrison are u serious? He wrestled in WWE for a good amount of time. Him and Miz had a nice run as tag champs. I think Morrison helped miz develop the swagger that he has now. But I do think he’s a better fit for TNA. In my opinion he’s one of the most talented underused wrestlers around so I do hope it’s him. If he could get a lil better on the Mic he’d be a big star. He’s way better then MVP or Masters or someone like that. So Dixie don’t say big star unless it really is. Or maybe it’s Ryder but he’s not really a big star but I think him and Robbie E together would be hilarious!

      • toddmikki says:

        John Morrison was a top midcarder in wwe. A total fan favorite! And would be the face of our x-division with aries staying where hes at or would be an amazing constant feud if Aries came back to the x-division. Thats what john Morrison is! He is no indy!!!

      • Luis says:

        Morrison is that skinny muscle guy looks like he could be in Bay Watch running in red shorts (Lifeguard) he was a tag team with someone else that looked like him sorta lol and Melina sexy split entrance

      • MRPC says:

        Apologies folks for not knowing John Morrison. I didn't even realise that Goldberg was in WWE!! I pretty much stopped watching wrestling after the last WCW Nitro in 2001 and then started following TNA from 2002. Did I miss much else?

        Bear in mind that I don't have a clue about what goes on in WWE, forgive my ignorance. I've heard of John Cena as being their guy but that's about it apart from the Attitude era which I did watch.

    • Tiffanydude says:

      Johnny Thunder you get it? because………..of…….WCW Thunder……Don't you dare judge me pal lol

  11. TheMiwyun says:


  12. tnadude says:

    The "big" signing is the whole f'n show.

    I just hope they keep him off the whole f'n show!

  13. Kyle says:

    Good, Goldberg is a horrid wrestler, and a pretty big douche.

  14. Treck says:

    Oldberg Oldberg Oldberg

  15. tsoutheast says:

    Dixie is famous for overblown or hyping these things. If it was Goldberg and Batista,it would put TNA on the map.

    • OldManEaston says:

      If it was John Cena, the Rock or CM Punk it might put TNA on the map. If it was Goldberg or Batista it would do what Hogan did for TNA in terms of long term ratings and drawing power, not much at all. Then it would also hurt the main event scene by adding another guy who can't work for sh*t. Sting pretty much has that position covered for now. No need to waste more money.

      • andy3323 says:

        On the map? It isn't like TNA is some tiny backyard promotion, they kill WWE in international ratings, at least in some pretty big markets, the last I heard. You aren't international if you aren't already 'on the map'.

        • OldManEaston says:

          We can talk international all we want, but the fact still remains that TNA is a very distant number 2 to WWE in almost every market, domestic and international. The only time TNA outpaces WWE is in the markets where TNA is free to air and WWE is subscription. That makes it pretty much a beer vs water or apples and oranges debate. Brand recognition and merchandizing also tell a very different tale than TNA is the king of international markets. In other words, it just ain't so Joe. If TNA were a company that ran the majority of their tours internationally, sold the most merchandise and had the clear brand recognition, instead of the odd yearly trip to the UK or sporadic other appearances in international markets, there might be a case for TNA being the king of international and killing WWE, but that just isn't the case. T

          The domestic Nielsen ratings, ppv buys and attendance are what still drives the vehicle, and TNA is not really on the map comparatively to WWE at this point. If they are on the map, they are say St Louis, MO vs New York, NY, especially in the biggest market with the most influence. When news outlets and reporters still constantly refer to current TNA wrestlers as former WWE superstars, it is a pretty good indication of where they both stand. TNA is very big indie or cult at this point. I even hate to use the word cult, because that implies a very loyal hardcore following with a hard to quantify appeal which basically advertises the product for itself and can draw based on that. TNA doesn't really and truly have that cult following like ECW did. The closet they came was around 2004-2006 when it was starting to heat up.

          So on the map, blip on the radar is really just a game of semantics. They are the very distant #2, which is what it boils down to. To get "on the map", which implies on an level immediately in correlation to WWE is what I am talking about and it would take a major defection like a CM Punk, a Rock or John Cena to "maybe" accomplish that in the US market.

    • Philly_Cheese says:

      She does tend to exaggerate especially on twitter. She's made "huge announcement" stuff over twitter, then when you watch you think "that's it? I thought it'd be something more important". My honest guess is Bob Holly, which isn't that huge, but he can help younger talent massively.

  16. OldManEaston says:

    What TNA needs is Freight Train and his smooth belly. *Choo Choo*.

    • POWERBOMB says:

      freight train $5 wrestling he is an amazing athlete and an amazing performer

      • OldManEaston says:

        Guy can cut an amazing promo too. "All you do is sit there and smoke them cigarettes." Right up there with Cane Dewey.

        Six months tops and he's the new World Heavyweight champion and face of TNA and Wrestling. CM Who?

  17. bigsergjr says:

    Its Big show people if u talk wrestling plz no ur facts

  18. Pimp says:

    It’s the godfather and his hoes… Now that would be ledge ! Even just for one episode. It’s the HooooOooo TraIN !

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